Full Version: Gia Derza
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New girl that has been dropping some IR scenes in the last month. Hopefully she keeps it up. I'd love to see her on Blacked or Blacked Raw.
[Image: 5xh7ke4hxj97p6rz.jpg]

Jules Jordan: Gia Derza & Dread - Gia Derza's First Interracial! Dredd Welcomes This Teen to the Dark Side! (5/18/18)
[Image: wvtpp3cqyrm4i4lb.jpg]

My New Black Stepdaddy 23: Gia Derza & Isiah Maxwell (6/6/18)
[Image: w0rl1iuynj84pzeg.jpg]

Jules Jordan: Gia Derza & Mandingo - Mandingo Massacre 14 (6/25/18)
[Image: eco3s0ne9mv5bis7.jpg]
All-natural, non-tatted, fair-skinned and a phat ass... yeah, I'm sold.
That scene with Dredd should be better, he had take softly with her i guess Smile
Top 5 fav here. She's sexy AF and does a good job. Hopefully we'll see more of her soon.
(06-29-2018, 01:09 AM)whiteisright4bbc Wrote: [ -> ]All-natural, non-tatted, fair-skinned and a phat ass... yeah, I'm sold.

Agreed. She has the potential to take the crown.
Very pretty indeed and yet to see any of her work but even if she's a lazy performer I think her looks will make me over look that fact
Yup.. a looker for sure.

More of her would be very welcome
she's cool. Only skimmed the dredd scene and it was trash but hoping for a better one with dingo (still havent watched it)....
shes a sexy minx
Her Slut Puppies scene for JJ was great, hope to see a lot of IR getting on dat azz