Full Version: Smash or Pass: Bebe Rexha
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What do y'all think of Pop Singer Bebe Rexha?

[Image: VdhDuXo.gif]

[Image: TYfekVc.gif]

[Image: knB5xQc.gif]

[Image: 6EIirYn.gif]

[Image: stnEP6O.gif]

[Image: aYqmTNY.gif]

[Image: MZiLMZO.gif]

[Image: 8O10ZNV.gif]

[Image: zyqXciR.gif]

[Image: UJBxY1n.gif]

I know this seems like an obvious answer. But I had to make this thread after I did a forum search for her & there was absolutely no mention of her on this forum.
A few more pics:

[Image: lpgC08v.jpg]

[Image: KG9mNvF.jpg]

[Image: l8hwVmZ.jpg]

[Image: lYq9HoT.jpg]

[Image: vH1SfAD.jpg]

[Image: w4RoJPU.jpg]

[Image: IxI1M8K.jpg]
Def smashing aint she Albanian too
Shotgun, please ban this dude.
(01-17-2019, 09:37 PM)Malile Wrote: [ -> ]Shotgun, please ban this dude.

Ban me for what?
Obviously SMASH.  She's cute, though the booty looks..  enhanced..

(01-17-2019, 09:37 PM)Malile Wrote: [ -> ]Shotgun, please ban this dude.

OK, maybe the thread would have been better if we had to choose between 2 babes.  But a ban   Huh
I be passing
definitely SMASH.. the PHAT ass on that woman! woo! i'd fuck her until my dick broke off!
(01-17-2019, 09:37 PM)Malile Wrote: [ -> ]Shotgun, please ban this dude.

I am fresh off my ban and I agree, ban this guy. I still have no clue what I was banned for.

On another note, I am not liking the pushing of the fat acceptance movement.
Smash, but yeah I hope she doesn't ride that "body positivity" wave into full-blown obesity.
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