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  Bangbros offers Iggy Azalea a porn contract.
Posted by: jeff2 - 11-04-2018, 10:47 AM - Forum: Entertainment - Replies (15)



She parted ways with label

Quote:Iggy Azalea has parted ways with Island Records, the rapper announced via social media on Saturday, tweeting “I’m officially unsigned!” “Wild you spend so long trying to get IN a record deal… never thought I’d be so elated to be OUT of one,” she wrote in an emoji-filled post. “now I’m free to release whatever kinda music I like, whenever I’d like woooo!”

She added that she hopes to release new music early next year. “Well still no music this year tho…,” she wrote. “I am nowhere near ready direction wise etc with the stuff I’ve been working on and I don’t wanna jump the gun and have some messy era aesthetically. I’m aiming to be ready to share new music early next year!” She followed with a pair of tweets saying that she “Woke up happy as f— today” and jokingly offered herself up for work: “Yup! Still in the studio! Who need a feature? I’m back on the block. Haha.”

It’s been a rocky few months for the Australian rapper, who spoke earlier this year of an intervention for her mental health being staged by her management, one that resulted in enrolling in a facility in Arizona. The rapper had moved from Def Jam to Island earlier this year (both companies are part of Universal Music Group) and released her first music in four years, the “Survive the Summer” EP. A fall tour was scheduled and announced, however it was cancelled last month, officially due to “unforeseen circumstances” but presumably due to slow ticket sales.

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  IR Girls who recent retired
Posted by: J Mac - 11-03-2018, 06:20 PM - Forum: Interracial Porn Discussion - Replies (1)

There have been some IR girls who just retired from porn this year so here who have retired just retired recent

Lana Rhoades, no longer shoot for companies just for your own stuff

Anissa Kate, it was on another porn forum EBI forum that she retired 4 month ago

Dakota Skye, retired for the 3 times due to mental health, hope she doesn't return, it best for her.

Natalia Starr, same with Lana

Kelsi Monroe, is pregnant and no longer is shooting scenes

Quinn Wilde, she deleted her twitter but before then she said she was going to leave porn for good at the end of the year. Damn, she was sexy as hell.

Tara Ashley, damn this was another one who was hot

Giselle Palmer, I think she retired another one gone

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  Came across this
Posted by: vesuvius - 11-03-2018, 03:34 PM - Forum: Entertainment - No Replies

Im done

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  f is for F....
Posted by: Marko - 11-02-2018, 11:34 PM - Forum: Interracial Porn Discussion - Replies (35)

Time to review the alphabet muthafukaz!
Choose ONE only or write-in your vote.

[Image: ZwR84pLg_o.jpg]

[Image: Z4QOv5cl_o.jpg]

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  Can someone please tell me what the hell is an "autumnal mead?"
Posted by: Shotgun Styles - 11-02-2018, 05:23 PM - Forum: Lounge - Replies (5)

I keep seeing this commercial during football games. Now, I'm a lifetime teetotaler. I know NOTHING about beer. But I've never even heard of the "autumnal mead" before.

What the hell is that?

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  What race are Victoria June and Liv Revamped?
Posted by: Ipay4 - 11-01-2018, 09:05 PM - Forum: Interracial Porn Discussion - Replies (15)

Just curious, they look kind of black but kind of latina.

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  The Quotable Wesley Pipes
Posted by: kcjones - 11-01-2018, 06:53 PM - Forum: Lounge - Replies (4)

I was on another site and ran across a post of quotes from Wesley Pipes.  Can anyone verify these.  They are too hilarious to not share.

“Suck this mufuckin dick…. You know I like my shit wet up like a drive by.. Do a driveby on this dick… Yeah there you go! You a Crip or sum’n huh? U crip’n bitch?!”

“Let me put my kids in ya mouth bitxh.. Imma turn ya throat into a foster home. Take this nut.”

“You stupid or u smart (repeats 3x’s)?!?!” Chick: “I’m smart (mouth full of penis)” Wesley Pipes: “well work ya brain like a college freshman and make it nasty for me.”

“Damn.. I’m all the way in that ass! dontchu shit on my dick. If I strike a nerve you better let me know!”

“spit on my mufuckin balls. They should look like two disco balls in a second. Spit on em! Don’t be shy, you naked wit the cameras rollin’. Too late to be shy girl”

“Ooh Ms Jacme! Ms. Jackson ain’t got shit on you! I can call you Ms. Jacme cuz you Nasssty.”

“Damn.. Listen. I’m about to cum right in u bitxh. Don’t even trip. I know it’s early in the game but this pussy too good to stop. Imma give u more dick tho. I aint gon cheat you, I aint even gonna cheat you. Don’t trip”

“Hol on bitch my dick caught all up in ya fishnets & shit”

“Stop all that screaming & hollering bitch.. If u can’t handle it just tell me to take some out then. Say ‘daddy take some out’ and I’ll take some out”

“You like the way I French kiss this pussy don’t you bitch?! You’d swear I was from Italy or somewhere the way I French kiss pusay.”

“Make that pussy breathe in and out while my dick all in you. Ya pussy actin like it got asthma right now. Breathe on this dick. Make that pussy squeeze this dick.”

“Ass up, Face down.. Make that shit picture perfect. We on camera. The world Gon see this shit. This dick Gon make you famous.”

“Yeah, this my lil’ broke Beyonce right here… this the closest I’ma ever get to fuckin’ Beyonce… if I ever get my hands on that bitch I’ma do her just like this… Urrrrgggggh”

“Bitch I want u to disrespect my dick”

“If you don’t suck this dick right, imma tell yo mama what you been doin.”

“see what yo pussy just did, it just swallowed my whole damn dick, shit, big ass pussy”

“silence bitch I can’t hear yo pussy talking” “damn you hear that? That’s yo pussy getting beat up. It’s calling for help but ain’t nobody gonna help that mothafucka”

“do you know how much dick is inside of you right now?”

“I’m balls deep baby, I cant give u no more inches

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Posted by: kt466 - 10-31-2018, 12:25 PM - Forum: Sports - Replies (4)

Anyone besides me pissed off that D.J. Durkin is going to be allowed to coach Maryland Football this season?  Seriously?!  I'd kick Saban to the curb if a kid died as senselessly as Jordan McNair did AND he's got titles falling out of his pockets that he doesn't even care about.  Durkin was 10-15, and an unsuccessful bully, yet somehow no one at the school had the courage to kick his ass out.  

I hope the players walk out of the game on Saturday in protest of this clown.

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  Are black men into IR porn or not?
Posted by: RasterRal - 10-29-2018, 08:00 AM - Forum: Interracial Porn Discussion - Replies (87)

I wonder if the majority of black men are  into IR porn and white girls in general or are they more into black-on-black porn and black girls? I suspect the latter, but let’s see.

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  Alright you mother fuckers, lets have this Age Of Consent thing out...
Posted by: Shotgun Styles - 10-28-2018, 04:35 PM - Forum: Interracial Porn Discussion - Replies (119)

All you fucking whiners like Darius who seem to think that teen sex is the devil, come the fuck at me. 

Grow balls and come the fuck out here on the carpet.

I DEFY YOU ALL to make a SCIENTIFIC ARGUMENT for why sex is harmful to teenagers.


And no, I do not care that this is in the wrong forum. I'm pissed about this shit and I want to make sure all you mother fuckers see it.

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