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Nikki Blackketter - vesuvius - 07-11-2018

[Image: 11+Nikki+Blackketter+by+Oskar+Bakke+_DSC...rmat=1000w]
[Image: DKOHHY9VwAAdaZd.jpg]
[Image: 574372.jpg]
[Image: 750full-nikki-blackketter.jpg]
[Image: 112.jpg]
[Image: Nikkino1.jpg]

[Image: 15.jpg]
[Image: tDQAk9I.jpg]

RE: Nikki Blackketter - blacksquatchman - 07-15-2018

She's got a decent sized booty and some nice sexy girly muscles. Me likey! Tongue Tongue Big Grin

RE: Nikki Blackketter - bishop45 - 08-24-2018


RE: Nikki Blackketter - reedh.srq - 08-24-2018

I like her and would smash but it looks like she benefits from some perfectly chosen angles for her photos. Not that I would stick around until the next morning, but I could see her looking a little cray-cray without all her processing and makeup and whatnot

RE: Nikki Blackketter - redcell - 08-24-2018

Smash, She looks like she has daddy issues and those kinda woman are always a blast in the sack.

RE: Nikki Blackketter - engarom - 08-24-2018

I love fitness chicks! I need more of this one! Smash!