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Lana Rhoades - djdj123 - 06-27-2016

What an amazing performer she is. What a great body she has and what a cute face. Great I eye contact and juicy DSLs. Dayumm.

The last one that came around like her was Valentina Nappi so I hope she gets a bunch of IR shot before she moves on. She has real star potential and being a Spiegler girl you know she is down for almost anything.
She drained Isiah and Flashes balls like a porn succubus and now she needs some more BBC. Anyone know what's on deck for her?

Re: Lana Rhoades - whiteisright4bbc - 06-27-2016

^ Not sure if BLACKED will do 5 scenes with her now that she already shot another one for someone else, but probably at least 1-2 more if she sticks around. I can see her shooting for pretty much everyone quite a few times, though. Sky's the limit.

Re: Lana Rhoades - Shulz021 - 06-27-2016

BLACKED must have stopped the six months contract rule then if she was able to shoot other IR scenes outside of BLACKED.

Re: Lana Rhoades - newbob - 06-27-2016

Gorgeous girl and an amazing performer. You don't usually get a girl that lives up to all the hope.

Re: Lana Rhoades - jay dee - 06-27-2016

She is gonna be a maneater. Very few chicks that look this good are maneaters. I'm thinking we are gonna see some classic scenes from her coming soon. Everyone better book her asap.

Re: Lana Rhoades - tdubz - 06-27-2016

Yeah, I echo all of your sentiments about Ms. Rhoades. She's a naturally beautiful, vivacious, and amazing performer.

My only fear is that she "wins" that shitty DP Star contract contest and we lose her for a year....or more.

Re: Lana Rhoades - fanboy - 06-27-2016

Love her too. I agree, I hope she stays away from those shitty contests. Those things are like the kiss of death for girls careers if you ask me. They limit your exposure and your experience with a variety of directors. Those director contacts are what get you the steady work when that contract expires...

Re: Lana Rhoades - blkknight1 - 06-27-2016

I dont think she will be jumping into contracts anytime soon, I mean she could have taken the Blacked contract right off the bat but said no wanted the freedom to work with other IR companies. Plus she seems to be the big thing in porn right now being solidly booked for the next few months according to her twitter.

Re: Lana Rhoades - Bobjonathan - 06-27-2016

Sorry but I got to post some pics of this beautiful porn goddess. I think this is the first time I've seen a thread dedicate to a female performer with no pics.

[Image: 3543471_3_o.jpg]

[Image: images-23064]

[Image: big8.jpg?fit=655%2C480]

[Image: sqkqnnjm0eno_t.jpg]

Re: Lana Rhoades - jay dee - 06-27-2016

Her eyes are something else man