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Re: Porn Doppelgangers - vesuvius - 01-01-2017

I'll give you Melissa and Riley, but that's it.

Mischa and Rilynn have faces that kinda look like eachother, but it's offset by Mischa looking like a midget next to Rilynn.

Re: Porn Doppelgangers - elblazer - 01-02-2017

I thought this would be about celeb lookalikes. Melissa does kinda look like Riley, but check the resemblance to Janette McCurdy
[Image: d22a17291774c7be5800d4b824e39c0d.jpg]
[Image: jennette-mccurdy-2012-kids-choice-awards-02.jpg]
And Dahlia Sky looks like Kate Hudson, much much more than Cameron Canada
[Image: profile.jpg][Image: 92750.jpg]

Strictly pornstars, how come no one notices Janice Griffith and Kelsi Monroe?
[Image: kelsi_monroe1_big.jpg?w=433&h=645][Image: janice-griffith--i572151.jpg]
[Image: janice-griffith.jpg]
[Image: g1u_b_5.jpg]
Jenna Haze and Chloe Amour
[Image: 3581_pic2.jpg][Image: main_eros-new-york-chloe-amour-xxx-star-fo1.jpg]

Re: Porn Doppelgangers - Malile - 01-02-2017

your eyes worked differently then mine

Re: Porn Doppelgangers - joecool59 - 01-02-2017

^^^There again Riley Reid and Melissa and Melissa Moore are the only true doppelganger I see.^^^

Re: Porn Doppelgangers - Bsshg1 - 01-02-2017

Definitely Paige Vanzant and Jessa Rhodes:

[Image: IpkImQS.jpg]

Re: Porn Doppelgangers - whiteisright4bbc - 01-02-2017

None of these girls look remotely alike...

Cadence / Dahlia (side profile only) look similar

[Image: 16gYDEF39v.jpg]

Aria / Charlotte similar look (minus the tats), not identical or anything though

EDIT: pic stretches the page :evil:

Re: Porn Doppelgangers - shot_in_tha_dark - 01-02-2017

elblazer Wrote:And Dahlia Sky looks like Kate Hudson, much much more than Cameron Canada
[Image: 92750.jpg]

I think that belongs to Blair Williams, who hasn't done IR yet

[Image: sAcvU7Z.jpg?1]

Re: Porn Doppelgangers - Blacked24lover - 06-22-2017

Bsshg1 Wrote:Definitely Paige Vanzant and Jessa Rhodes:

[Image: IpkImQS.jpg]

SPOT ON! Thought I was the only one

Re: Porn Doppelgangers - Mackneto - 06-23-2017

Damn, I don't how to post pics here but I think Leah Gotti looks alot like Chloë Grace Moretz.

Re: Porn Doppelgangers - beaujesus - 06-23-2017

Malile Wrote:your eyes worked differently then mine
I'm pretty sure everyone's eyes work differently then his. Confusedhock: