There's a gay guy running for President. Could he win?
Can't do any worse.

The current president is completely hetero and can't stop fucking the country in the ass.
(03-12-2019, 12:32 PM)Splinter Wrote: No, he can't win.  First off he is 37, he'd be the youngest president in history, his only political experience is being a mayor of a mid-size city, and finally, his sexual orientation would be targeted into the ground. The media has got us thinking that homosexuality is more accepted among average people than it actually is. Not only would the intolerant people who lean left, not vote for him, but he would guarantee that the right show up in droves on election day to re-elect Trump.

I agree with this statement,the youth and inexperience is a problem for him,and him being gay will no doubt turn out the evangelicals in record numbers,they turned out for Trump in 2016 in record numbers because they dislike Hillary, they will dislike this guy even more.i also agree the media has been promoting and pushing the gay agenda heavily for the past 20 years,and allot of people resent it.the gays community gets allot if attention for such a small percentage of the population.some studies say they make up around 10%,but I've seen studies that show 2 to 5%.but 5% would be around 20 million people I believe.

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