Daisy Stone
(08-09-2018, 08:24 PM)ubiquitous Wrote:
(07-05-2018, 06:59 PM)kingdarius Wrote: yea the dudes that enjoy her clearly only care about her looks and ass. She is one of the worst performers out there tbh. I thought for sure the bangbros scene with ricky would've had some type of chemistry and excitement since she likes him and he had all that drama with keisha because of them fucking in private. Boy was i wrong tho. Chick still doesnt know how do ride and just lays there the entire scene. Harley jade 2.0

Unlike Harley Jade, Daisy looks better, actually ENJOYS doing IR, and does IR off camera, literally stealing a girl's boyfriend (Ricky, we may not know if others, whatever).  Daisy actually has a Onlyfans account, unlike Harley.

Daisy did put in work with Jon Jon for My Black Step.

What I'm waiting for is the creampie.  Will it be done?
technically she didnt "break up" ricky and keisha since they were already broken up basically from what he said cuz she had already did something messed up. If she enjoys it good for her but it doesnt come thru in scenes. She always looks like she doesnt know what she's doing. She's just there looking pretty. Everyone has a onlyfans so that doesnt mean much. Some chicks barely post anything on theirs most of the time.

EDIT: just saw she's working with dredd. Thats gonna be a trainwreck lol....i respect her grind to get money but there's not a chance in hell that scene isnt just 30min of watching a chick in pain

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