Idris Elba reportedly frontrunner for James Bond role
^^^Well he's 45 right now, but this is not happening right now. The next bond movie (after the one with craig) might happen after 3-4 years, Idris would be nearing 50 when he makes this movie.

You say Roger Moore was 45 when he first started making movies, but he was already looking old in For Your Eyes Only, and everyone makes fun of A View to a Kill because how fucking old Roger Moore is in this movie. They're looking for a guy (or girl) that can commit to a franchise for years, decades. I don't think they're looking for a guy that can only be good for one, two movie.

And it's not like Idris is the only black actor out there, black english actor for that matter. And they can also cast a woman, or a British Indian, or whatever else they want to. I just don't see them casting Idris, it seems like a way too obvious choice.
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