IR Models Who Suprised me by Doing B/G Scenes
I've had some questions about Anastaisa. She performed hardcore under different names, but all of her IR work can be found on Legal Porno here:

I wish they would start doing more scenes like the Sineplex ones that they acquired to help launch the site.

[Image: th_277691260_IDSTART56IDEND_201_2018_21_..._219lo.jpg][Image: th_277692577_IDSTART56IDEND_302_2017_19_..._449lo.jpg][Image: th_277692526_IDSTART56IDEND_262_2009_3_5..._206lo.jpg][Image: th_277691909_IDSTART56IDEND_201_2018_21_..._340lo.jpg][Image: th_277692111_IDSTART56IDEND_262_2009_4_3..._440lo.jpg]

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