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I think people fail to truly grasp what it was like for a black man in much of American history. I have stated it before but just the idea of looking at a white woman in some parts of this nation for much of history was grounds for death.

Most of the mixed DNA from much of African American history came from white men who had relations with black women, whether through rape on the plantations or willful encounters over time.

While at the same time there existed this overwhelming fear of the black male sexuality. This is all deeply rooted in American consciousness.

Why do you think the Black male/white female combination is the one that turns the most heads. A white woman could walk in a room with an Asian man, Latin man, Indian man and people won't feel the need to debate about it or look puzzlingly, but let that be a black man and heads turn because it evokes some response.

Blacks were thought of as nothing in this country for most of history. As Osprey mentioned this is a young country with a deep history of racism, only half a century ago a black man couldn't legally marry a white woman in some states and that was the official government laws on the books.

There are still places in Georgia and Mississippi where you can't have an interracial prom. W.T.F. These kids go to the same school for 4 years but come prom whites with whites, blacks with blacks. There is something very sick about that mindset, it is defended by saying its tradition. Right I'm sure it is. Smile

The irony is it prompted one of the students in the story I remember to say half the white girls will then go home after the prom and call their black boyfriends and be on the phone with them. So no amount of sheltering or playing deaf, dumb and blind will change reality, especially when a lot of those girls go to college and if anyone has ever been to a college campus we know how those can be with the parties and sex. Smile

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