Anybody else turned off by the term "black cock slut?"
It doesn't bother me because it's primarily used in porn or as you stated with swingers. Everybody has physical traits that they desire in the opposite sex some brothas I know only date "red bone" sistas or white women and it doesn't matter how they look. Most guys reguardless of ethnicity in this culture are attracted to blondes because of sociatal conditioning. White dudes in this culture seem to be really into Asian women just because their Asian and visa versa. I truely believe based on experience that non black women that are into brothas are into us because of a physical attraction that can't be replicated by other men in this culture. Brothas are the superheroes of this entire world because of our prowess in sports and our unique body types because of it. Brothas are much more likely to have the universal physical traits that have attracted women throughout human existance because so many of us participated in sports growing up compared to other ethnic groups of men so it comes as no surprise to me that the seemingly overwhelming number of married women in the swinging culture seek brothas to "party" with and their husbands want to see them with us. The whole cuckold scene is about non black women having sex with brothas infront of the non black husband or boyfriend. These couples get off on the physical superiorty of brothas compared to themselves or other ethnic men based largely on what we do in the sporting arena. Just read some of the things these cucks write about online in some of these "interracial" dating/swinging sites. I don't care what any so called straight woman says if they are not into at least some brothas they are not really into sex. Straight women that say they don't find any black men attractive are going against biological and human history just to make a social statement to apease someone (family/tribe) in this country IMHO.
If the the woman considers herself a slut for Black Cock or whatever that is a reflection on her not the object of her obsession. There are women who are turned on by trees! Yes fucking TREES! So should all the oaks be upset that she has a preference for them instead of pines?
The angst...Come on guys, it's porn. It is supposed to be base. Personally I like it when a porn-whore looks nice but talked like the filthy whore she is.
IRBonanza Wrote:
imperiusrex Wrote:A couple of my training clients were swingers and the term has also been used in that arena.

^^ Were they black or white?.. :? Maybe it is thrown around in the fetish/kink/domination arena.. Idea

Frankly, I've yet to hear any black person (male or female) use that term BCS outside of porn.

They were white. I'm sure there are black swinging couples, but like bigfoot, I have yet to see any... it's like those women who have queen of spades tattoos, it's a white fetish thing.

And some of these responses are missing the point. I'm sure there are those who like being called a slut, just like some negroes out there like being called black bulls. But if someone tried to call me a black bull, I'd smack the taste out of their mouth. I was a paid, published author at 18 years old, I've written for top tier magazines who usually hire folks from Harvard to work for them, started as a trainer five years ago and now I'm working with supermodels in one of the most competitive fitness cities in the world and I'm more than just a black dick. I find it ridiculous when someone tries to reduce me to something so insubstantial.

And i find women who reduce themselves to something so insignificant to be equally ridiculous.

But maybe that's just me...
Hi. I've been a lurker of the forum for a while but I decided to join up to give my input here.

I'm a white female and I pretty much exclusively sleep and date with black men. Now I won't say it's only black guys because I date other races but it's really not likely. I've called myself a black cock slut before with some of the men I've been with and with my girlfriends. I use it because of my preference to black men and because quite frankly I am a slut. I love having sex. Now I my preference of black men just isn't what they are packing, though I do love the color contrast between our skin colors. I've slept with black men who were as big as white men I'd been with but they were better in bed. What I like about black guys is that they know how to treat me, both in and out of bed. Black men by far treat me with more respect than other races. I also love that they really know how to please me no matter what size they are.

Back to the phrase. I think it's more in the heat of the moment(which is kind of what porn is) and it's a term for dirty talk to describe women who like black men. If a girlfriend of mine says she was with a cute black guy. I might reply to her about what a black cock slut she is. To myself it's no different than calling a girlfriend a slut. I can see your take on it though. I think context is important. I think it could also be a taboo thing. I'm 22 and I was raised around black people since I attended a high school with a 85% black student body population. My mother also exclusively dates black guys and she uses the term a lot where as I don't. It was very taboo for her a preachers ex-wife to be with a black guy in our old town and for me it was nothing.
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^ Agreed Irex. I look at porn and the swinging culture as outside the norm because I have not and will not ever participate in either. I've never heard the terms you speak of in person if I did I'd probably be offended too. The thing is as another poster wrote on another thread is brothas are the most sexually desired people along with white women in this culture so when it comes to purely the enjoyment of sex like with swingers these terms come to the fore because it's only about sex. I watched that swinger show on Playboy awhile back and there were no black couples on the few shows I watched but there were a couple of BM/WF swinging couples, the brothas were very popular with the newbie swinging couples but the terms of "Black Bulls" or "Queen of Spades" were not used to my knowledge on the show.
Terrific post o! Great job of putting the whole porn culture vs regular culture in perspective brotha! That's the reason I believe we all watch porn as an escapists fantasy not something we would do with any woman we would seriously date or marry IMO.

In a society where Judeo-Christian sexual shame is beaten into the mindset, shame becomes the turn on. Degrading, being degraded, humiliation, domination all become fetishized. I'm as guilty as anyone. I love to dominate a woman (more psychologically than physically). I love to make a woman do my bidding. The power itself is an aphrodisiac. So I don't knock any person, man or woman, who's sexual arousal comes from fetisized influence.

It's just that this particular focus on massive phallic size and degredation of white women does nothing for me. As an educated Black man what turns me on is a white woman who sees Blacks as the ideal MEN to be seduced by, not the best animal to degrade herself with. Classy white girls LOVE a successful Black man in a suit. A guy with a vocabulary who's dashing and at the same time has that ultimate warrior side in the bedroom. But because the porn industry is run by racist whites, and as such make IR porn for a racist white fan base, the Dashing Black man image is invariably supplanted by the Black Animal stereotype.

If porn was about what most white women actually looked for in a Black guy the images would be very different.
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I don't see how you can argue that the industry is not largely racist when most companies don't even shoot IR scenes, and the top companies are NOTORIOUS for encouraging their contract stars to AVOID IR at all costs. We know this, we've seen this, it's no secret.

What you're really saying is that, of the companies that EVEN BOTHER with IR, Dogfart is the worst. Ok, I can go with that. But the larger issue is that there is so little choice because the industry as a whole is largely racist and avoids the genre. That is, in fact, why this forum came to be in the first place. Because guys weren't allowed to discuss how racist the major companies and contract stars were being on boards like ADT.

Since the early 1990's when the Cambria rules went into effect, the IR genre has been the crumbs of the industry. The leftovers. Interracial sex isn't true fetish because there's nothing sexually deviant about race mixing. But it's jammed into the "niche" corner by the industry because the men who run it are largely racist white men. If the industry wasn't racist the "niche" of IR would really be moot because every chick and every major company would be shooting IR all the time.

Look at Europe. They hardly have a niche for it because damn near all their girls do IR. It just isn't a big deal. That's the way it should be here, but isn't because of the racism inherent in the American white man's psyche. So while I agree with you that not all IR is based on degradation, and that DogFart is the worst of the bunch, I can't agree that the industry isn't racist. Because it's a fairly well established fact that it is.
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^Agreed SS! If porn wasn't bigoted against blacks there wouldn't be an "IR" catagory that applies only to blacks working with non blacks. That in and of itself is ethnically bigoted.

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