TV Shows to Watch/Binge - Current and All-Time
Anything goes (probably easier to just exclude sitcoms). Foreign is good. Rank and recommend if you please. Feel free to write a quick blurb about the show, especially for the less well known shows. Listing shows you're currently watching that may not be in your top shows of say the last year is fine. Shows in between seasons is also okay.

'All-time' would usually refer to shows no longer in production unless you have a current show in your all-time list.

I'll try to limit my current watch list. More selective with my 'All time' list. It would be helpful to list the platform where current ongoing shows can be found.

Current Watch List:

Killing Eve (BBC America), cat and mouse between female assassin and intelligence analyst
The Good Fight (CBS All Access), centred on a predominantly AA law firm
Deep State (Epix), British espionage thriller with CIA elements
Westworld (HBO)
Billions (Showtime)
The Terror (AMC), horror...fictionalized account of an Arctic expedition
Dark (Netflix), German language Sci-Fi

All Time:

***** The Wire, Deadwood
**** The Bridge (Swedish original), Boardwalk Empire, The Knick
Killing Eve - First show I thought of when I saw this thread. Damn that was a surprisingly good ass show.

Black Mirror
The Expanse
Mr. Robot
Westworld - Waiting on this season to finish so I can binge
You're The Worst
The Americans - Final episode tonight
GOT - of course
Into The Badlands
Supernatural - Going on 14 years w/ this show :lol:
The 100

All Time:

Breaking Bad
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^It's crazy the shows I just blanked on even after thinking about it. Haven't seen Fargo season 3 but I actually could argue that Season 2 surpassed Season 1 (I'd probably put it somewhere in my All-Time).

Not up to date on Mr. Robot nor on the Americans (although I always had ambiguous rooting interests in that show). GOT is so mainstream that I just forgot, mainly because I was focused on more obscure shows.

Did you think Dexter peaked in a certain season? Or do you think it was pretty consistent.
Dexter peaked at Season 4. There was just no way they were going to top John Lithgow w/ the Trinity Killer and what he did.

Season 1 of Fargo was one of my favorite seasons of a show ever, until season 2 came around. I used to hate Bokeem Woodbine at the time but he completely changed my mind about him in that season.
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I feel like I'm the only person that has never watched The Wire or Sopranos.

Forgot all about American Gods, Saul, Preacher & Hannibal (I still watch that last scene all the time)

Orphan Black
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I'm picky when it comes to TV, and my top 5 is constantly in flux based on how I feel at the moment.
Right now, my list is as follows:

The Expanse (if it keeps being consistent, it could become the best action/sci-fi series I've seen,

BSG Remake (grown up, mature, dark and intricate science fiction; I even love the last season)

The Sopranos (probably the single greatest TV series of all time)

Longmire (incredibly overlooked, imo. It's not something I heard too many people talking about
when it was on A&E, and after Netflix got it I converted many of my friends)

Breaking Bad (the quintessential modern tragedy, and it went out on the best possible
terms, simply a masterpiece)

There are a few honorable mentions; The Wire, Lost (before it got lost deep in its own asshole), House of Cards, Hannibal. If you ask me this question another day, I might have one or more of these in my top 5, they're all that good, imo.
Shotgun Styles Wrote:Given how shit went down with the Black kid on the show
That stuff has never mattered to me.

Im watching The 100 right now and Voltron is coming back soon.

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XD XD XD         
On another note, im gonna lose black points for this, but my favourite comedy growing up was not Martin, Fresh Prince or Bill Cosby show (waaaaay too safe), but Married With Children.

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