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Any of you hommies interested in health discussions and related topics? Apart from entrepreneurship, this is seriously my only other passion.......well of course I like white women and interracial $3X  Tongue

* Just updated the title to life hacks' as maybe that's a topic of more interest. Could be anything from health, dating, technology to even just the best shirt to wear at a party.

Admin feel free to delete if of no interest. Peace!
Shower every day and use anti-pespirant.
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If you're talking a woman and you have serious intentions (and I don't mean a one night stand).
Listen. Don't formulate your replies while she's talking. Just listen and focus on body language.
You'll hear what she saying and what's she trying to communicate.
Organize your finances. "Money can be a great tool to happiness, or it can be a source of great misery."

So said my Chinese fortune cookie Smile
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Lift weights and cut out junk food to achieve the fountain of youth. Cardio is nice, but dramatically overrated, diet and weights have far more of an impact.
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HIIT is excellent. Cutting out junk food, but more specifically carbs/sugar is the key. Bread/wheat should be consumed WAY less and should be at the top of the food pyramid, not the bottom. But more important than exercise and diet is SLEEP. Get 7-9 hours of sleep EVERY night. The number of people who function well from less than 7 hours of sleep daily rounded down is 0%. Don't feed into that myth of thinking you're one of those tiny percentiles that can get 4 hours and be fine. Or at least go get a battery of tests and have your health monitored while undergoing low levels of sleep first to be sure, but personally, I'd air on the side of caution and just get that 7-9 hours.

Another thing ridiculously underrated is FASTING. It has similar benefits to diet/exercise when it comes to your health. Eat in no more than 8-10 hour windows then fast for the remaining 14-16 hours. Not difficult at all, do most of it at night while you're sleeping by skipping breakfast and eating at like 10 AM or 12 PM until 6 PM or 8 PM. This is VERY beneficial and HEALTHY. We as humans did NOT evolve to eat 24/7. We were hunters and gatherers, so we would go long periods without eating. Our bodies have not adapted to live such an excess and sedentary lifestyle.

A ketogenic diet is also good, obviously, which I pretty much already listed, but not as brazenly, but basically get your body to burn fat instead of carbs. Paleo is also good @Shotgun.
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Drink Coffee..

At least that's what the latest "scientific studies" say.

Is anyone else getting sick and tired of these so-called scientific studies telling us one thing, then reversing themselves later?? If it isn't eggs, it's dairy, or chocolate or coffee or meat.. gimme a break.

While I'm ranting, I'm also fed-up (pun intended) with those holier-than-thou vegetarians. I'll deliberately order my double whopper to go, and eat it outside the nearest veggie food shop.
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^ I'd preface drinking coffee with not putting a ton of sugar in (no sugar is best). Green tea is also good. Those and water are the best things you can drink from a day to day basis.

Vegans are far worse than vegetarians. Meat is great, especially grass fed and obviously fish is great. Eggs are great, too. The thing about vegans that doesn't make sense is that tons of animals are killed when harvesting all of those vegetables in those giant fields with the combines they use. I guess they only care about certain animals or have willful ignorance towards certain truths.
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Detoxing is something we all need to do, but most people do not do it the right way. They see these 3 day detox products and think that is it, the reality is that a real detox take roughly 6 months to do. If you do it right they you are good for about 4-6 years before you have to do it again. The benefits are so great. Your body as a whole just functions much better and things become easier, you notice less pain in places, your BP drops. I completed one 5 years ago, and just started one last month.

Drinking lots of water is key because that is what is going to be carrying a lot of the the toxins out of your body in your urine obviously and also your sweat so you gotta replace that water constantly.

If you have never tried Spirulina I recommend it, basically blue gree algae/seaweed. I go to my local health food store get a little baggie of it around $10 last about a month or two depending on how much I take, usually I go with about a teaspoon a day. Mix that in with a 16 oz bottle of water, and chug(it tastes disgusting) but it is great for you helps remove all the heavy metals in the body very potent and full of nutrients. There are also so many things you can do with water like my current fav water detox drink, is a cucumber+green apple+mint mix. So good and refreshing on a hot day.
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^ It's just carbs. You can eat wheat, just probably not a great idea to eat a ton of it. Nothing wrong with sugar either, in small amounts. Most people eat way too much, though.
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