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I don't watch Dredd.
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It's a travesty that this thread has gone as untouched as it has
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I agree, I liked her first scene for Blacked even though it was with Flash. I liked her scene with Dredd, but I never seem to get excited when I see her name as the female talent. I'm gonna watch more and see if I can figure out why not.

She brings it every scene. I like all her IR scenes. She carried Julio Gomez and made it a good scene.
Her first scene with Blacked was fire and her Dredd scene on Interracialpass is really good.

Hopefully, she will give up her ass. Want to see at least 1 anal IR from her.
The intro to her first Blacked scene is phenomenal. I had no clue who she was before. It made me an instant fan. The moment her face rises out of the water and the music behind it. Wow. Then add that she is one of the top performers in the game. I wish she got more love around here. She always raises the performance of her counterparts.
Its funny I get what you are saying. I won't specifically go get her scenes, but if I am watching one, she never disappoints.
^I agree with this wholeheartedly. I never go out and look for her scenes but if I stumble across one, I usually love it. I don't know why but she's just kinda forgettable for me.
^She's that one in life that holds you down but y'all want to go look at the shiny new toys smh Big Grin J/K. I caught on to her late in her GG career so when she switched over to BG I was already hooked on her. A

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^I know bro lol. I just looked at my porn hub favorites and I got like 20 of her scenes and most of my favorite girl/girl scenes have her in it, she's one of my favorites I just need to be reminded some times.
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