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(09-03-2018, 05:52 PM)pipsup Wrote: Rousey was the face of women's MMA. She had the charisma and star personality to really bring the female MMA to the forefront. So, ensuring her success was important in a lot of ways.

She knew judo. Weren't most of her wins by armbar?

Holm was a former boxer. That spelled doom for Rousey.

And she got exposed  when they met.

Was a piece of cake for Holm.

Tate was really popular as well, although that might have been a symptom of Rousey being so polarizing and the obvious heel in their rivalry. That said, I'm not sure if WMMA would have been that much worse/less popular if Miesha was the face of it instead of Rousey.

Not sure if I would call it a piece of cake exactly. There was a moment in the fight where Rousey seemingly got it to the ground after getting the clinch and it was looking like it might be same old, same old. Even though Rousey can't strike to save her life, you have to remember there's very little room for error and Holm had to avoid the ground like it's life or death (the Holm vs Tate fight showed this when in the 5th round with Holm about to win a decision, Tate desperately gets her to the ground and locks in a rear naked choke to shut the lights off and win the title).

[Image: ufc-196-6-tate-rd5-takedown-finishwm1.gif?w=470]
[Image: 7p10mnlqnzhmwpza.gif]
I thought this was a Dogfart thread.
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who knows Rousey might be shooting for Dogfart after her WWE career flames out
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(09-03-2018, 09:06 PM)mrwu Wrote: who knows Rousey might be shooting for Dogfart after her WWE career flames out

If that happens, you can bet your ass I will watch it just to see that bitch get wrecked by BBC

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XD XD XD         
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I'm pretty sure that there is a lot of kayfabe involved in MMA today. Not as much as in wrestling but still. Rousey got charisma and intensity at least.
(09-03-2018, 09:08 PM)Shotgun Styles Wrote:
(09-03-2018, 08:07 PM)beaujesus Wrote: I thought this was a Dogfart thread.

This, after you just got done saying in another thread that you were done trolling.

Guess not... Dodgy
Huh ...Sorry I was just wondering why UFC Rousey banter is appropriate to the Dogfart thread that's all.
I will in future try to refrain myself from commenting.
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^ Seemed appropriate given the discussion direction and the thread.

Unrelated, but here's Rousey seemingly wearing The Rock's WWE belt pantsless during a 'sleepover' they had.

[Image: BRQD8fGCQAEL7iE.jpg]
[Image: 7p10mnlqnzhmwpza.gif]
The Dakota Skye scene was pretty good. I checked the upcoming scene section. They have a Anny Aurora GloryHole scene coming 9/24.
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