Nike sign Colin Kaepernick, folks started to Boycott Nike
White Trump Supporter is not going to like this at all 

I saw these Boycott Nike tag on Twitter all day, and some are burning there Nike shoe over this, some of these white folks who do this just don't understand why he is kneeling because of young black men are getting killed by these white cops. It's not to disrespect the flag and the people who serve our country because many people in the military support him because he doesn't like what the flag stands for. BTW I wore my Nike tennis shoe today
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I guess your gotta burn something when you run outta crosses
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I've always been more of an Adidas guy, but this solidifies my decision to get those Gator nikes I've been eyeing for a couple weeks. The level of butthurt and vitriol that's been lighting up my social media all day has been really eye-opening. All these "I'm never buying again" posts are hilarious because I can't remember the last time I've seen some of these dudes in anything with a swoosh on it. They get Kap's point. The whole "disrespect the flag/troops" is just a silencing tactic, just like "what about the children" used by social conservatives. It's also funny how these idiots are talking about Nike going out of business, as if A) the usa is the only market and B) there aren't people who AGREE with the stance the company has taken. So glad I don't live in a place where these idiots run rampant, but still too close for comfort. Can't wait to fuck off to Asia for good and leave Trumps America behind (it will still be this way long after he's gone)

With the number of people saying Kap "sucks at football" you'd think millions of dudes actually had a chance to make an NFL roster lol.
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These mother trumpers just make me laugh. How does Kaepernick being a spokesman for Nike affects them? They got nothing better to do with their time so they start bitching about Nike and saying they will boycott them? Bitch please.... you ain't fooling shit.

And they keep saying shit like Kaepernick is disrespecting war veterans is beyond played out. These Trump suckers need to get a new tune.

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This boycott is so dumb. Colin Kaepernick message was simple police brutality needs to stop. That is something that does need to be looked at.
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the people boycotting are just mad that kaepernick is still striving despite their attempts to prevent him from making a living. he doesn't need to bow down to their FAKE outrage. i fully support kaepernick's message. i will definitely show my gratitude monetarily. i'm buying everybody i know nikes this christmas. i'll probably be excluding some white friends though. their asses are getting candles and starbucks gift certificates instead. i can't take a chance on them secretly burning a good pair of nikes. LOL! sorry not sorry.
(09-07-2018, 02:24 PM)Shotgun Styles Wrote: I never liked the idea of kneeling at the anthem because I understood immediately that it was an indirect protest that was subject to interpretation. As such, in the age of "alternative facts" and Fox News, it was likely to be INTENTIONALLY misinterpreted. And that is exactly what happened. Giving racists who don't like Blacks cover for attacking the players by claiming "patriotism".

Can't worry about that. Any time a black person challenges their white privilege, racist gonna racist. They ripped Obama for not wearing a tie in the Oval Office (conveniently forgetting that St. Reagan had done the same thing). Michelle had the audacity to promote a program to get children to eat better and got ripped for advocating a "nanny state". And remember Fox News wondering if Barack and Michelle had engaged in a "terrorist fist bump"?
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#8 friend bought 2 pairs of Nike already...

Their loss...
Was a good opportunity to buy into Nike stock, it has since corrected itself.
As a professional athlete with a desire to protest and highlight injustice, you have to maximize your impact by using the most effective platform available to you. Kaepernick talking about it pre or post game does little to nothing. It's very hard to see what the 2018 equivalent of sit-ins and freedom rides is. Mass sit-ins at police stations?

This specific problem has metastasized beyond just abhorrent police brutality, to a legal system that hardly ever returns guilty verdicts for police. If Kaepernick wanted to be a disruptor, this was the best course of action. You can't worry about 'interpretation' in a country where people actually believe that the government doesn't provide 'socialized' Medicare.

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