Pastor Apologizes for Groping Ariana Grande’s Breast During Ceremony
^ Yeah, I'm sure there were other incidents that occurred leading up to and after that, but that was the big one that really got everyone talking on a national stage.
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this country has evolved into a nation of over-sensitive crybabies. i've literally seen people online asking mothers and fathers WHY they're kissing their kids on the lips on instagram pics! ummm, HELLO! it's because that is their seed.. that child carries their DNA. there is nothing sexual about a parent showing love for that child with a kiss. the only ones who think otherwise are pervs themselves. smh. as for that pastor, that was a NON-EVENT. i don't care what anybody says. you can't make me believe that pastor was INTENTIONALLY groping ariana. he was just holding onto her as he talked. she's so damn short too, so that might have contributed to where his hand was. who knows.. all i know is that i've had plenty of older church folk, men and women, grab me under my ribs like that. "boy, get over here. you're sure have grown. look at you, looking more and more like your daddy every day" and they just go into talking about shit for the next 10 minutes and i'm just standing there, smiling politely, while being grabbed and squeezed like charmin. lol. people need to stop looking for negative shit in EVERYTHING. people couldn't wait to find something to bitch about at aretha's wedding. including how long it was. look, if you're not black and raised in the church, you're not going to understand why our services take so long sometimes! that's not for you to understand.
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I haven't seen the video so I can't say if what happened was wrong,but i remember hearing Billy grahm say once that he refused to be with another woman alone rather it be in the back of a cab or in a elevator.i don't think grahm would have wrapped his hand around her like that.but people are different,maybe he just hugs and touches alot Big Grin
I also agree with shotgun,too many men in this country have become soft.i believe shotgun said sissy boy. Big Grin
Ariana Grande has now come out and said the pastor did nothing wrong, all you boys scared girls will give you cooties need to calm down.

"Ariana Grande declined to file a complaint after a touching incident involving a bishop at Aretha Franklin's funeral, Detroit Police said Friday.

The pop star's representatives said she regarded the breast contact as accidental and wanted to move on, police told the Detroit Free Press.

Detroit Police reached out to Grande's camp after the Aug. 31 funeral, prompted by phone calls and online posts claiming "inappropriate contact" by Bishop Charles Ellis III during the service.

"We received some phone calls from citizens and saw (social media posts) that there may have been some kind of inappropriate contact at Aretha Franklin's funeral between Bishop Ellis and Ariana Grande," Detroit Police Capt. Jevon Johnson told the Free Press. "We reached out to her representatives. They said she completely took it as an accident and was ready to move on.

"Based on what her representatives stated, we do not have an open investigation."

Johnson spoke with the Free Press again on Saturday and said a certified letter was sent Friday directly to Grande.

"The only thing I can add at this time is that we have not spoken personally to Ms. Grande, despite our efforts," he said. "So we’ve sent out a certified letter to her and have not received a personal response yet."

Ellis had wrapped his arm around Grande, touching her breast, following the pop star's performance of "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" during the funeral at Greater Grace Temple,

The incident caused an uproar among many people watching the service and went viral on social media, including a much-retweeted post by late-night comic Trevor Noah captioned, "What was up with that pastors hand?" Others have defended the bishop, saying the touch appeared unintentional."
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That is right boys, real men touch women, however they want. Real women accept it, get over it.
(09-22-2018, 02:29 PM)Shotgun Styles Wrote:
(09-22-2018, 11:38 AM)Ipay4 Wrote: That is right boys, real men touch women, however they want.  Real women accept it, get over it.

This is Trumper thinking. No middle ground, no reason, just extreme black and white positions.

You, and people who think like you, ARE the problem. You won't consider that your extreme position might not be completely right, and you take these dogmatic approaches to everything. No productive conversation can be had with people like you.

Come on Shotgun, you and your army were arguing how wrong I was for thinking it is ok to touch a woman, and then the woman came out and said the man did nothing wrong, so no you are attacking me?  you and your army should just admit that maybe you were not right on this one.  Nothing to get angry about or name call over.
^ Turns out you were on the right side this time, good job LOL
I admit that I have over reacted with this whole situation. So I was wrong.

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