any sites have legit raceplay (not JOI, nor humiliation)? like the old hushpass and dogfart scenes? Dickdrainers has some
The simple answer is "no." No "mainstream" sites have 'hard' race-play anymore, at least none like "the old hushpass and dogfart scenes." DickDrainers (which I wouldn't even classify as "mainstream") has a couple to my knowledge. The only sites that seem to have 'hard' race-play now are Clips4Sale, ManyVids, etc type sites and most of those are indeed JOI, humiliation, degradation, etc based.

Some blame BLACKED's emergence as the cause of most of it and the following shift to more erotic, 'softer' sex with somewhat less race elements. BLACKED spawned a lot of 'follower' sites that tried/try to tap into the same market. Even Dogfart tried being a bit less "Dogfart" for a time and more like BLACKED.

Hell, even BLACKED has evolved more from it's earlier scenes and now it's getting quite rare for you to even hear the male/male sex organ referred to as black these days.
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Interracial Pass had raceplay on their recent scene with Alice Coxx and Jax Slayher.
Speaking of race play, can anyone identify the girl from this Hush Pass/Mydaughtersfuckingablackdude race play scene?

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contrast5 Wrote:Interracial Pass had raceplay on their recent scene with Alice Coxx and Jax Slayher.


I tried searching for Alice Coxx. . .didn't find anything anywhere.
nvm, I see that there are three x's in her name. Alice Coxxx. . .found a link. I'll check it out later.
bsshg1- lindsay kay
rhagecannon Wrote:bsshg1- lindsay kay

Thank you!

And WRB is right. Raceplay will not be found in the bigger studios' scenes anymore.

Manyvids used to have race play videos, but they changed their policy and no longer allow it, so you have to go to Clips4sale studios like Branden Richards' "Dick Drainers": https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/10321 ... /race+play

Also Shaft UK has a custom shoot with Ryan Conner on Customs4u: https://www.customs4u.com/clip/59482/sh ... ni-er-cock
^ That tag actually isn't all encompassing and is missing one of them: Her New DADDY!!!

There's also another Ryan Conner one with Shaft on there: Milf Interacial BBC Race Play Creampie Custom
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Kaidence King (https://www.kaidenceking.com) has a number of hard race play videos on clips4sale. Mainly JOI stuff. Her British accent is a real turn on.

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