^Yep, the visual fits.
I wish dogfart mixed a little in like they used to. I wonder if they were getting flak for what they did do. I loved watching Lia Lor slip out the N-word in the heat of the moment during her gloryhole, for example.
Bsshg1 Wrote:
whiteisright4bbc Wrote:^ That tag actually isn't all encompassing and is missing one of them: Her New DADDY!!!

There's also another Ryan Conner one with Shaft on there: Milf Interacial BBC Race Play Creampie Custom

Oh the Ryan Conner one has the creampie tag, too.

Race play + creampie is pretty hot.

Does a full vid of that Ryan Conner scene exist?
^Yeah, but you'll have to purchase it on the customs site.
tall order but does anybody have or know of a "master list" of dogfart scenes with the nword?
If you type in n word or nigger it should come up.
tried before AshAngel. Only gives u like 10 scenes but i have more than that in my archive already so clearly there are more than 10 scenes. smh dogfart
^ try it with the a, not the hard r :lol:
rhagecannon Wrote:Ipay4, she does. its faint and not like "give me that ni**er dick or f*ck me with with that ni**er dick" or anything like that. She more so says it in passing if that makes sense. the clearest time she says it is after he cums on her face. the other time or 2 u really have to be listening. smh.

Can you post the time mark where she says it?

Heres a good vid
At the time of Donald Trumps election I remember looking at a tweet from the dude that runs Dickdrainers calling Donald Trump a racist and that he should be more responsible and all. I saw it at the time as an intelligent opinion but then I find out he has chicks like Leya Falcon using the N word repeatedly and even put the stunning Amarna Miller in clearly an uncomfortable position by telling her to say the N word and she said it with the greatest reluctance (what you have to do to get paid lol).

My point is how can anyone take him serious with such double standards smh

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