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(08-14-2018, 10:23 AM)ubiquitous Wrote: Just to remind ya'll.  Plus, I was wrong about her doing anal, I'll admit that.

Hello everyone sorry for not being on in awhile!!! I have read all of your comments! Thank you everyone for all of your feedback if it was not for you guys I would not be able to do what I do. So of you however think you no more about my career then you actually do so lets get some things in order lol. I do not get to choose when companies hire me or when they will. Or when they release content that they have shot. I can shoot 2 weeks of g/g only and they can be released over a span of two years! I still shoot mostly g/g scenes. That has always been my passion and always will be. If you don't like it that is your preference. To say my g/g work is dealing is a little ridiculous to me because I love women and in my opinion fuck them better then most. I always make sure my girl leaves happy and satisfied. That might be my problem though I care more about the girl I am working with then the people watching. Since I started doing b/g of course companies have been really excited to shoot me for it because a lot of you want to see it. I am bi-sexual. I lean more towards women but also adore men. For me its about connection and passion not gender. That is why I am choosy with the men I work with because I want to always put the best me out there. A lot of you have been talking about how I said I will NEVER do anal. What I said is that I am not ready at this time and it does get frustration when you get bombarded with it every day. For me I never want to put any content out there that I am not 100% into. I have not mastered anal in my personal life and until then I won't shoot it. I will never do something only for a paycheck. I want to promote sexuality as a beautiful art form where two people loose themselves in passion. So when I'm ready ill let you know. I would love to fuck some beautiful black women!! I really don't know why this has not happened yet but again that is up to the director... For those of you who were asking I was on contract with Blacked for a year and that contract just ended. I have had sex with black men before porn and will continue to because HOT DAMN. I love it. Right now my year has been nuts with shooting and traveling for feature dancing! You will continue to see lots of new stuff from me!! I am so happy to where my career has gone and I appreciate all of your support!!! I don't plan on leaving any time soon!! xoxo You can see all my scene and life updates on my social media! Twitter: msabigailmac Instagram: msabigailmac Snapchat: realabigailmac
Love you all!!!!
Abi xoxo


1.) Post is from 2016.

2.) Nothing in it indicates she isn't getting booked.

3. She states in it that she doesn't plan on leaving any time soon.


Producers spreading out her scenes doesn't mean she's not getting booked. You seemed to have conflated two separate things together there unless I'm missing something.
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(08-10-2018, 02:04 AM)ubiquitous Wrote: I wouldn't be surprised if Abigail retires after this showcase. She would retire with a showcase under her belt and it would make sense. I remember when studios weren't hiring her and she was making her case on twitter about it. She came out on top through persistence and being an all around nice person. Her BFF Romi Rain gave her a boost in her success. What I would give for the two to do a BGG IR scene.

Bro don't speak this into existence!
^ That seemed like a random thought out of left field with no real grounded evidence to back it up. That and the mere fact that Ubi said it makes me think it's unlikely to happen like when he melted down on here about Zoey Monroe taking IR off her card and then her doing like 30 IR scenes after that (this also coincided with when he went on 'sabbatical' for an extended period of time).
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