Nina Elle vs Romi Rain
ir-prince Wrote:
Bsshg1 Wrote:I'm trying to find a gif of the doggy portion of Romi's Inked Nation scene with Prince.

There ya go.

[Image: 35248627124_9261c9267f_o.gif]


[Image: 36048524296_87a8eb350e_o.gif]

Nice! Thanks for making the gifs.

Yeah, Romi has this. Nina Elle has some hot scenes to though.
vesuvius Wrote:Romi
[Image: GF9tELh.gif]
Is that Anikka ?
Face: Definately Romi she has like a model face, Nina is average looking at best
Tits: Both have enhanced cups, but Romi looks more beautiful and fuller. Nina's just looks like your average porn chicks
Ass: would say Nina originally but Romi implants defo suit her

Overall: Romi by a clear mile, does not necessarily mean Nina is an average performer though, she defo one of the best MILF Performers of today
Romi, better performer than Nina, fresher looking face than Nina and she also has a better body.
bigred1687 Wrote:^
Is that Anikka ?
Daisy Stone
[Image: DGaaBwz.gif]
I like Nina but she's not even in Romi's league.
Watch this Nina story before it's pulled for nudity and drugs probably. She's at some rapper house do a bachelor/strip show with some friends like August Taylor.
[Image: Qa6cdQ9c_t.jpg][

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