New Site: Blacked Raw
Saw the announcement on

The fabled second IR site! Different look and starting off with some new talent. Blacked is looking to get even more money out of my wallet... launches October 26.

Can't find a direct link to the trailer other than this: ... c7eff134b4

SO much better than a showcase like I expected...
Ppl had been asking for a more raw feel to blacked scenes. The Kendra Sunderland/Jax preview looks like this gives that.

And where the hell did you see the announcement on Blacked? I didn't see shit.

Edit: I think I see it. The video isn't supported for me though.

[Image: xpyjw.jpg]
Looks smoking hot...! love Kendra

how many websites is blacked gonna have...?
gotta good idea for blacked...too bad I cannot reap the monetary benefits...

make another site called "24: Interracial" or "24:Blacked"

have advanced advertising of two stars months ahead of time...i.e. Kendra and jax

cameras follow them all around mansion or in a limo...whatever locations...

24 hours of continuous IR sex anywhere anytime anyplace...subscription only...or on demand internet

style. or live on internet..or sell blocks of time for a price...

then after that, a series of DVD's from it or on x-rated cable channels...

will make a mint....
The scenes we know of so far:

Hannah Hays & James Jagger
Abigail Mac & James Jagger
Sloan Harper & Davin King
Lana Rhoades & Davin King
Lily Love & Jason Luv
Evelyn Claire & Jason Luv
Tasha Reign & Jason Luv
Chloe Scott & Dredd
Kendra Sunderland & Jason Luv
Kylie Page & Davin King
[Image: 7p10mnlqnzhmwpza.gif]
Why new IR site if they already have

Well I guess Greg actually know that Blacked is more like a vanilla porn and some ppl don't like that style

Ppl love IR style like Brothalovers

This what can I say after watching the trailer

Remind me of Brothalovers but with more improvement Smile
whiteisright4bbc Wrote:The scenes we know of so far:

Hannah Hays
Abigail Mac
Sloan Harper
Lana Rhoades
Lily Love
Evelyn Claire
Tasha Reign
Chloe Scott
Kendra Sunderland
Kylie Page
[Image: giphy.gif]
[Image: DGaaBwz.gif]
the promo is not workng for me
Blacked Raw looking good. I see Dredd with Chloe Scott, nice.

Can anyone identify the male talent with Hannah Hays ?

[Image: 53346396_hannah-hays-raw.jpg]

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