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(01-10-2019, 09:39 PM)J Mac Wrote: We all know Blacked and Greg paid her more for her 1st IR but the question is what will she do more IR after this or will this be a one and done thing. I really hate this one and done shit because it doesn't gain more IR fans. Just like that Alexis Monroe chick who did her 1st IR last year and since then she hasn't done one. I think they will do it for a lot more money and be done with it but at the same time will get some backlash and will get called out on Twitter by fans if they don't do more. If they feel that way when they should've to do IR because it no winning at all

I'd like to add/blame Blacked and other studios, as well.

I was really into Bree Daniels, same vibe I had with Dahlia Sky. A lot of chemistry and decent performances. I was hoping there would be more. It's been a while and she only ever shot one IR scene. That said, she promoted that scene, shouted out Jason Luv and told the racists to fuck off on Twitter.

There's always this chance that the pornstar has a personal life and things caught up when they finally release it. I can relate to that. What I can't relate to is a studio shooting these scenes, not wondering whether they've shot a genuine gem and pursue it with said pornstar to have more scenes with her, while she's still on the set regularly.

It's downright infuriating. You move on, but you always hope for this pornstar who will keep you mesmerized for at least a few months or more.

Why these girls do it, and they know fans will request more IR scenes but at the same time will call her out if she doesn't do more or if she stops doing IR when she is called a racist and turncoat. I just hate it when girls do IR and stop doing, I don't support girls who do this and why are black men in porn don't say anything about it but we all know if they do then they will be blacklisted which they don't want to ended up like Justin Long

There's a whole host of reasons why they do it. None of them will probably help alleviate my frustration.

It's better, at least mentally for me, to support those that shoot regularly and praise them rather than figure out what made someone shoot 1 scene and bolt out for whatever reason. The IR genre is fucked up. If we can't do a whole lot about IR, it is still a porn genre and in turn part of an industry. Things sell. On the long run, it's inefficient to shoot just one scene with one performer on a regular basis. But then again, wastefulness is part of any industry. The IR-genre of all the major genres, gets the least consideration.

It just reminds of the mid-late 2000s discussed in the 2019 thread. There were more movies. Now there's the odd showcase. I think that change just amplified that there are these 1 scene-and-I'm-out junctures. There's just less to hold our attention to. I'm glad with all the improvements since in the sense of quality, but the quantity (studios) suffered from it.
My guess for the next update is Liya Silver with Joss Lescaf.
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Looking forward to this one. I hate those beach scenes, like why the fuck do you bother if you have poor lighting and distant shots.
definitely liya silver. Hopefully its better than that beach scene. If joss cant get a good scene out of her, there's no hope.
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^ Seriously. Begged for her to be shot on here for months, then when she finally has, "I'm militant and don't watch vanilla scenes, but I seen her in a vanilla scene and she's a terrible performer, this scene is going to suck." The dude might honestly be trolling as I'm not sure someone that cynical is genuine or not on the internet. I mean, it's possible, but comparatively to everyone else on here, some of which are top tier cynics in their own right, he stands out head and shoulders above all. It's spooky to the point of being almost supernatural.
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Shiiit. This Liya scene has a lot of potential going off the trailer. Joss is a pretty good performer so he can carry it, that scene with Gia for blacked is an all time favourite of mine
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Here is your chance guys if you could direct a scene for blacked raw what would it be and who would star in it.  Greg wants to know.
I think Athena Rayne is the next update
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Interracial Porn is Black Men/White Woman, real porn
If yall don't know about Liya Silver, its time to find out.

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