New Site: Blacked Raw
You're not actually getting hung up on the literal interpretation of a site name?

They didn't want to go with Blacked: Nighttime Sex in a minimally lit room, shot with a more amateurish lensing.
Kylie looks great!
dino88 Wrote:Why new IR site if they already have

Well I guess Greg actually know that Blacked is more like a vanilla porn and some ppl don't like that style

Ppl love IR style like Brothalovers

This what can I say after watching the trailer

Remind me of Brothalovers but with more improvement Smile

Yeah I can see that too. That was a great business decision.

Gotta love the ignore function!

Lansky keeps finding ways to take my money. Site looks great. I hope it updates every 5 days like Blacked too.
jay dee Wrote:Lansky keeps finding ways to take my money. Site looks great. I hope it updates every 5 days like Blacked too.
Looks better than expected. I don't know the way they filmed, if it's too gonzo for my taste, but the cast in the trailer seems promising. Maybe they try to catch the vibe from early films by Justin Slayer or the early 2000s, I hope they have better camera angles at least Smile
Avatar -> Victoria Justice in the new Rocky Horror Picture show film.

I hope they keep the waifs down to a minimum on this one maybe I will check it out. Maybe some costumes and uniforms in this one as well.
Looks good to me.

Lansky IMO should have 3 sites
1 - for people that want highly shot content
1 Blacked Raw - for people that like the more gonzo style
and 1 for cucks so they have their own place that we don't have to watch that shit, and don't have to pay for it.
I like the more raw realistic look, reminds me of Black Bachelor or Slayer's vids 10-15 years ago.

This site should be for more real, freestyle, natural sex. So girls who actually like to fuck and love dick only. No Nicole Anistons. Lana looks more into it than usual in that trailer.

I wouldn't object to seeing hot MILFs like Rio Blaze shoot for this site.
[Image: 1553365300___36___lHAX2ZYwCe.jpg]
I like Blacked but I hope that Blacked Raw has all the stuff that we don't see in the regular Blacked site. Raunchier sex with lots of dirty talk. Less scenario setting up, just fucking. When I first saw Hannah Hays I was hoping she would do IR. Hopefully they can get Kenzie Reeves, Kenzie Kai, and Charlotte Carmen. Really looking forward to the launch.

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