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^^ & ^^^ doesn't seem worth it, IMO.

Studies show that serious complications of the iris-implant procedure can include:
Reduced vision or blindness;
Elevated pressure inside the eye that can lead to glaucoma, a potentially blinding disease;
Cataract (clouding of the eye's naturally clear lens);

And Skyla was talking about the pressure and her vision being foggy...
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Khloe Kapri's trailer was so fucking hot. Louie is that guy, I hope Blacked keeps him around.
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(07-11-2018, 07:50 AM)blackalpha Wrote: Khloe Kapri's trailer was so fucking hot. Louie is that guy, I hope Blacked keeps him around.

Blacked had confirmed on twitter that he's a contract guy for them so you will see more of Louie instead of Jason these months, I guess.

Next scene looks like Jason with a slim chick, however. My guess is Elena Koshka.
Yeah Koshka's a good guess
(07-10-2018, 09:19 AM)iramaj Wrote:
(07-10-2018, 09:11 AM)Blackpleasure79 Wrote: I think they never had an exclusive at Blacked Raw before, hence why it didn't work properly.

^Alina Lopez and Lacey Lenix did their first scene on Blacked Raw. Also Skyla Novea if you want to count her and who they also need to bring back asap.

AND Alina Lopez was completely amazing in that scene. Hooked me on her - I check her page frequently
OK watched the Khloe scene last night HOLY FUCK!!!!! Talk about mesmerizing!!! I totally forgot she was acting.


Exactly my reaction, she's decent looking, ok body, but for some unknown reason seems sexy as hell, and that eye-rolling thing dayummm

Loved the shower scene at the end. Khloe really enjoyed herself.
I guessed it right, Elena Koshka and Jason Luv. Interesting, even though I prefer busty girls she seems enthusiastic.
This chick is beautiful as fuck but her scenes have been dry. Hope this one is good.
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