RIP to August Ames
#1 ... asses-away
Someone needs to go to jail for the bullying. Imagine if this had been someone bullying a dodger into suicide...dude would already have been blackballed/and sentenced already.

I cannot believe her peers went after her like that. I haven't seen one apology from anyone who demanded an apology from her.
Seriously WTF!!!!!!!
blkknight1 Wrote:Seriously WTF!!!!!!!

Yeah somethings not adding up
The words of truth are always paradoxical.

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She warned another performer on Twitter that they'd be shooting with somebody who had recently shot gay porn and so a bunch of people piled on, attacked her, called her homophobic, etc.

There will be a ton of people quickly deleting Tweets right now.

Such a shame. She was such an amazing performer with an absolutely phenomenal body.

Absolutely tragic news.
That's a damn shame, I mean she was bullied to death possibly because she would not shoot with a gay for pay performer? ADT said something about depression, per her instagram and twitter she seemed same ol same ol, posting pics, sex, porn etc. She was top 10 as far as hotness and IR friendliness, she was a good performer. We don't know what's going on in the heads of these young women, but this is tragic regardless of porn. This aint right for no 23 year old kid. I mean her blacked raw scene is still on my hard drive. Fuck... RIP kid.
I saw the whole big debate that was popping off as Stallion Strong was trying to back her up. Thought it was petty and just moved on. Then just now as I was checking out twitter and see her name trending, my heart sank a little and I knew it wasn't good news. As a person who has dealt with mental issues, this just saddens me that a simple disagreement has come to this. This social media sh/t can be a very dark place when everyone knows who you are. Hell, even under the guise of a made up screen name, it can still be hell for some. So I'd urge everyone to just think carefully when you engage in petty back and forths with someone on this internet sh/t, because you just never know what that person is really going through man.

RIP August.
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Damn, there are a bunch of alt-right scumbags like Cassandra Fairbanks going in on the people who were giving her shit. This is about to get ugly.

I wonder if anybody is going to be able to raise the issue of the hypocrisy of how most of the same people were bullying her have no issues with performers that refuse to do IR and talk stupid shit about how BM performers constantly injure women on set.

Grabbing my popcorn for the fallout.

Anyway RIP to August. Just another reminder of how vulnerable and unstable a lot of people in the industry are.
this is insane. RIP

side note: apparently Roxy Nicole died last month
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RIP August Ames. Fuck all those social media bullies and hypocrites that caused this.

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