RIP to August Ames
Am I understanding this correctly, she said something publicly that wasn't taken well and she killed herself due to a very negative reaction?

That's not really what I'd call cyber-bullying, more like a very unpleasant discussion she chose to have.
This is unreal!! I was reading this pie fight stuff she was having and Noell Easton was backing her up and the dreadful Sinn Sage was throwing shade. It never appeared that she would pass on TODAY!! WTF is going on, I hope she did not take her life and that things were not so dark, her comments did not seem that way. This Kevin Moore guy, did not know she was married to him, he is a crappy pornographer, too.

God Rest her soul, she was great to watch. She will be missed.
I've seen some of the people that were dragging her on social media insisting that it was mental illness that killed her and pushing the whole "if you're feeling down, reach out to somebody" line.

Of course, had a gay or transsexual person/pornstar died hours after a social media mob were harassing them, insulting them, mocking them, telling them to kill themselves (yes, people did that!)... something tells me these same people wouldn't be so quick to downplay the bullying aspect.

Hypocrisy, indeed.
People need to understand cyber bulling is a real thing and shouldn't be ignored. I mean, I just found out. Her name is trending on social media as I'm typing. I'm guessing August had depression issues prior to even joining the porn industry. But clearly the cyber bulling pushed her over the edge. Depression is a real thing, folks. I have to say this; social media is a great tool, but has it's Pros and Cons, cons mostly because anyone can post the most vile, disgusting content for millions to view.

I was looking at the timeline of her passing and people are clowning her? Like is this world we live where a suicide victim is being mocked. There's a lot of cruel people in the world and social media is the new platform for these idiots. Apparently, August posted a tweet about not wanting to work with a male actor that did gay porn in the past. First, she should of not posted that not everyone needs know your true feelings. Second, when the cyber bullying started, she or her husband should of told her to stay off twitter or deleted her account. There was no reason for August to entertainment her detractors.

We now live in a climate where everyone is oversensitive or inconsiderate especially on social media. The porn industry is dangerous and now with social media, where pornstars can interact with fans is even more dangerous. Female pornstars usually get harassed or shamed because of sexism. The life of a pornstar can hurt your image. Many of these adult-stars come from complicated backgrounds. People think it's a license to mistreat u because of the life style.
Anadin Wrote:Am I understanding this correctly, she said something publicly that wasn't taken well and she killed herself due to a very negative reaction?

That's not really what I'd call cyber-bullying, more like a very unpleasant discussion she chose to have.

I mean, she should not of said anything. Too often people make the mistake of expressing their personal feelings on to social media. She clearly had issues prior, but cyber-bulling certainly didn't help her situation. Not everyone can just let shit role off their backs. I can and maybe u, but clearly she's of many that can't.
I would say that being in the porn industry are isolated and the porn community becomes the only family they end up having. You lose that I guess it's like losing everything.
^^ If you've never known anyone that has suffered and battled with depression trust me when I tell you that it is a true bitch.

RIP August. I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet her because she was a real sweetheart.

newbob Wrote:RIP August Ames. Fuck all those social media bullies and hypocrites that caused this.

Yup and how fitting that one of her last tweets was to say fuck them all too. All of them are quiet as fucking church mouses today and that dude Jaxton Wheeler is public enemy #1 right now.
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RIP August Ames. so sorry to hear about it.
^^^^The whole business model of social media relies on making the platform appear indispensable to your daily routine while not having it monopolize your day/interactions (at least in your mind). It's a trick. I'm sure people that check twitter 5 times an hour don't think they're doing anything out of the ordinary. But it's one of those programs running in the background of Windows that uses memory and CPU usage. It's not adding anything of value...just draining resources and numbing the mind. It's a cauldron for the bomb throwers, the haters, the frivolous and the idiots. It's also a tremendous propaganda tool.
Am I missing where it says she killed herself? I read through that whole silliness someone posted the Twitter link to yesterday, and I'm not buying that she took her life from that single thread. It wasn't anywhere near that serious.

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