RIP to August Ames
You just never know what demons some people have and what will be the thing that pushes them over the edge. I do remember back in May she had some kind of a breakdown as well and was on Instagram in tears then she posted this on twitter a few days later.

Just goes to show these girls go on social media and only show the world what they want the world to see, and nobody knows what they are truly like or what they are going through. Just sad gone at 23, I know the porn world afforded her fame, adoration, and things many people will never get to experience and got to live life but no matter how much living she got to do that is still too young to go.
Coltrane88 Wrote:^^^^The whole business model of social media relies on making the platform appear indispensable to your daily routine while not having it monopolize your day/interactions (at least in your mind). It's a trick. I'm sure people that check twitter 5 times an hour don't think they're doing anything out of the ordinary. But it's one of those programs running in the background of Windows that uses memory and CPU usage. It's not adding anything of value...just draining resources and numbing the mind. It's a cauldron for the bomb throwers, the haters, the frivolous and the idiots. It's also a tremendous propaganda tool.

That's why I don't have a twitter, facebook, instagram etc. Just not worth the time or stupid bs that can go with it.
Some of the other women in the industry who were dragging and lecturing her for her standpoint are performers who have never shot interracial, or refused to do so for years, and even some who don't even shoot b/g scenes.

Yet they took it upon themselves to lecture her on her "discrimination", even though she believed she was acting in the interests of her own health.

Until those bitches have a come one, come all policy towards who can stick their prick in them, or apologise for their own discriminatory practices in their careers, then they're just a bunch of malevolent hypocrites.
R . I . P .

Was subscribed to her subreddit:

^Very well said, Coltrane.
Wow shocking death. She was a great performer. Sad way for her to go. Especially if it was due to bullying. R.I.P.
this is as shocking as any death in the porn world because she was in her prime and had her life ahead of her. so sad. her last tweet was "fuck yall".....damn. she was pushed to the edge.

im on twitter, but only to follow news and DM some pornstars for customs. there are some lowlives out there and the mob mentality of twitter dont appeal to me. other than that, social media is a fucked up world. pretty damn clear why we have a cyber bully for a president as well.

Can you imagine if Wesley Pipes, Limpwell, Grunts & Countless Butafaces had August's sensitivity and checked out the comments on this forum ? There would be a lot of suicides. Something to think about.
RIP August
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