UFC 219 - Cris Cyborg Vs Holly Holm - December 30 2017
whiteisright4bbc Wrote:^ To be fair, Cybrog hasn't looked 'amazing' in her latest fights either. In her last fight, she fought a 135 lbs journeywoman (Cyborg's weight class is 145) on short notice even older than Holm and looked pretty pedestrian.

In fact, she's been fighting mainly old, lower weight class middle of the pack fighters recently all over the age of 35 (not really her fault, no one wants to fight her), so her record is a bit deceptive at first glance.

Hell, one of the women that did the best against her and had her in the most danger is probably Gina Carano (who is now a Hollywood actress) and 'Borg pissed hot after that fight...

[Image: giphy.gif]

That girl, yes, THAT girl who was mostly a pure striker with little ground skills, had Cyborg full-mounted on the ground, pounding on her and coming the closest to finishing her in a match in which 'Borg tested positive for an anabolic steroid not long after...

So yes, I believe Holly has a 'chance' to beat her. Especially now that the UFC hired the guy that caught Lance Armstrong and fighters are getting popped left and right...

A bit of speculation on my part, but I do find it 'interesting' how she's looked pretty underwhelming against mediocre fighters coming up in weight to fight her as soon as the UFC started cracking down on the anti-doping front.

Either way, I'm not saying Holm will 'definitely' win or anything or even that I see her winning. All I'm saying is that 'Borg hasn't been fighting great competition (again, not her fault), and even taking that into account, hasn't looked like a world beater or anything against even them.

For all the hate Ronda received when she was champ, she DID look like a world beater against all the soccer moms and Denny's waitresses she fought at least... and Holly still destroyed her.

All I'm saying.

Styles make fights, though. Obviously Rousey is a one-dimensional judoka with no freestyle wrestling lower body takedowns, so Cyborg matches up better vs. Holly. With that said, Holm will 110% be the best fighter by far that 'Borg has ever faced and it's not even close.
Cyborg was killing that last girl but she had a strong chin. And cyborg went toe to toe with a world champion kickboxer. And as much as I love Gina, Cyborg dominated that dight (plus it was over 5 years ago).
So, nobody kept up with this thread? Holly gave it a good shot and went the distance but Cyborg rocked her in the first round and I don't think she was able to come back from that.
Yeah I saw the fight and it basically went exactly as I thought. Those kicks wore Holm down and Cyborg landed the harder shots.
Yeah, that Cris Cyborg...

...she's not a looker, that one. Rhonda I'd do, though. And Gina Carano (above) always liked her too.

But the hottest fighter is still Layla Ali. She looks like a movie star more than a fighter. If she's wanted a career in modeling instead of sports, she could have had one.
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Holm had surprising success in the clinch and was able to control Borg from that position with relative ease. Only lost 48-47, which means she was only a round away from winning the fight. Now that she thoroughly dominated the other top contender of the division using her new found grappling strength, I think she can beat Cybrog in a rematch if she uses a more clinch/grappling heavy strategy against her. But it seems like she's more interested in dropping back down to 135 and regaining that belt back first, which I think she can do as well.
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