What happened to rico strong?
Maybe this happened to him:

Long story short, bitches lie.
Isn't it funny the post direct before yours suggest; sometime bitches don't lie. Someone on adt wrote
"I don’t know what went down, but thought I would mention that it has been proven that victims of assault often remember things out of order and often contradict themselves. This is part of trauma. Several women over the years have been called liars because their stories didn’t make sense only for DNA and other forms of evidence to prove they were indeed telling the truth."

But even if she didn't lie she at no point revoke consent, she only offered it further. She at best choose a check over her own comfort and at worst is a lying schemer. This is porn we are talking about. You always here the horror stories of what happen to a lot of women by the hands of men. So, I think its pretty safe to say a lot of women in the business are just as horrid. Mike South also write about Trinity St. Clair and Shy Love http://mikesouth.com/scumbags/traffickin...air-24259/ Better examples of rape I might add.

Porn, like drug dealing isn't inherently evil. But because both are frowned upon, they attract a lot of shady morally compromised people. In both businesses you will find people willing to do anything for money, whether that means human trafficking or lying about being rape and asking for money on a go fund me page or selling this story to news outlets (if they are interested, I kinda doubt it). If you look on on a lot of these girls twitter, there is some sob story for why your she needs donations. https://twitter.com/hollyhendrix_/status...5098528768 https://www.gofundme.com/fw2gub-help-for-veronica-avluv

On that note check this out. https://twitter.com/kennedymeow/status/9...8067250176 If this she is true (evidence suggest it is and it's still not rape) Rico should have been out of the industry. I think in the long a lot of good can come out of this. And just like metoo, it wont always hit the nail on the head but, who can argue with creeps getting taken out.

These broads got caught out spinning bullshit, which of course is about the time *everyone* jumps on Rico's bones with their own supposed experiences. Look, I'm willing to believe accusations of sexual misconduct and give these girls the benefit of the doubt (and indeed I did of LR), but after watching those videos, and reading up on multiple viewpoints over the last few weeks, I have to conclude that enough of these hos are caught out that I'm extremely sceptical of such claims, especially when there's damning video evidence that contradicts the accuser every step of the way.

I dislike Rico as a performer as much as the next person, but this looks shady as fuck, and it looks like his 14-year career's more or less ruined anyway.
^And I like Rico but you have three examples of his fuckery on this very thread. This is his job and he aint good at it in the worst possible way. Thats enough.

And I want to say it again. Sexual misconduct and Sexual Assualt ar not always the same thing. I dont think what rico did was criminal (if he did it). But I do like he is an asshole.
blackowned Wrote:I dislike Rico as a performer as much as the next person, but this looks shady as fuck, and it looks like his 14-year career's more or less ruined anyway.

If there's a bright side to this,you could say that Leigh Raven's career is also done..she hasnt gotten any shoot offers since it's been revealed she's lying
Rico maybe looks tough but he's the most timid guy in porn, just watch any of his BTS stuff. The bitch is lying.
That whole thing was a mess. Those babes over did it. Rico is a take it or leave it talent but if he did not abuse them, well to make it up is skank behavior 101
And Leigh and her wife(Nikki Hearts) in Mexico chilling on vacation.. :roll:

[Image: Nikki-Leigh-vacation-2.jpg]
^^I think efukt did the best job of debunking all of her bullshit.
This whole metoo bullshit fucked up the porn industry too now. Gives every crazy opportunistic whore a voice now.

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