What happened to rico strong?
I want to ask the same because if she recanted than he should be back and redeemed.
They should be drummed out of the industry.
Companies would be afraid to shoot them because they could make up stories.
They don't have credibility and the video already show that their story was bullshit.
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Rico is redeemed along with JustDave. Fuck that suicidal, psycho lesbian.
I don't think he should resume work. We could have a terrible situation: he and Julio doing a Blacked MMF scene. That would be a real snoozefest.
he wasnt really gettin work before the allegations from his tweets before that so i doubt he'll get an increase afterwards. Its a shame because he was on the short list of tolerable dudes to me. Guess it'll just be more jello dick and pay me in pussy jax scenes

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