White Lithuanian female reporter asks Liangelo Ball out
kcjones Wrote:Lolo could try to pass for white today, but not in the 60s.

[Image: lolo-jones.jpg?itok=x37Niz7U]
And being named "Lolo Jones" doesn't help either. Sounds like a Black porn star from 1975.
White Girl Connoisseur
Real name is Lori Susan Jones after her mom Lolo is a nickname given to her by her mom.
She could be any anything ethnically; arad, greek, spanish. Any group of brownish people, or even the "swarthy" white.
Doesn't he already have a white girlfriend! 

[Image: Isabella_Izzy_Morris.jpg]
^LMAO You know how rich athletes are. They don't give a fuck if they already have a bitch at home. They fucked anybody who open their legs to him. For all we know, Liangelo might already been balls deep in that Lithuanian pussy!
Alexa Grace/Abella Danger/Ella Hughes/Karlee Grey/Elsa Jean/Ariana Marie

XD"Mah Boi, this ass right here is what all true Negros strive for!"XD
[Image: th_279784274_fakeass2_123_598lo.jpg]

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