Welcome Back, IR-Tube.Net
Jesus Christ, it took forever.
welcome back need to send a email to the membership let them know
I checked once every couple days, but I figured it was gone for good. Glad it's back.
Anybody complaining about political correctness are just a bunch of shitheads crying they can't call people n*gg*rs and f*gg*ts anymore without getting in trouble.
[Image: XqL1ob4.gif]
Find a time machine and hop back to 1953 if living in the 21st century is such a bad deal for you.
Thought this site was dead. Nice to see it back up.
The other IR forum was down around the same time. I thought the site was targeted and was shut down permanently.
Damn, I missed this place. It's been hard for me to keep up on everything IR these days without the site.
~~ PM me about dead links or if you need help finding rare IR scenes - I will try my best ~~
Welcome back, I missed this site. It was like a black hole without it....
I enjoyed the break, personally. I don't mind a few weeks off from the grind of discussing porn...I do wonder what happened to fuckyou.us tho? That site went straight up dead
I'm glad this site is back I checked everyday I thought it would up sooner or later
but I was worried it was gone forever. Click on it by accident and it came up.
I had lost hope too, but thanks to a post on ADT (Thanks, for the post !), here I am.

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