So what's everyone think of Lisa Ann's comeback so far..
I'm a big Lisa Ann fan but... The only things I've seen her in are what I would call Lingerie porn.

When certain porn stars get to a certain age, they only do Lingerie porn, where they have panty hose covering up their flows or tops covering up their stomach.

This here is what I want to see...

[Image: 1309b.jpg]
[Image: Lisa-Ann-Anal-6.jpg]
[Image: Lisa%20annimg_3441-700x1050.jpg]

She's got to show me the body is still rocking.
I respect her hustle, but this shit is hard to watch at this point. She a hall of famer but dam.....
her choice but i wonder why she came back.......i liked her post porn
Got a copy of the new disc. She is in great shape and lost some of her fill. She still gets down but it is like something is missing as she is too skinny. If Nina Hartley is still main streaming porn shoots at 60, Lisa is in her late 40s go for it!!!
didnt even notice.....she's way past her expiration date
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I saw this a few weeks ago, she makes a few good points

With her lying ass. She's a Black Dick Hound if there ever was one.

But, she's gotta placate her white fan base. Which, to be fair, is quite vast.
White Girl Connoisseur

Big Grin 
Has Her Comeback Started Yet (LOL)?

[Image: biggrin.png]  [Image: biggrin.png]  [Image: biggrin.png]
I prefer Julia Ann
Her new stuff is great, but I admit it is hard to top her best scenes from the past, like :

Milf Magnet 2 with Lex Steele,
Mandingo: Hide Your Wives with Mandingo,
her scenes with Ice Cold (he even was a talent from her agency)
or even Lisa Ann's Black Out series.

I enjoyed her new film "Sometimes I share" even without all the scenes being IR. I hope she does more stuff with some new talent she hadn't work with in the past, like Dredd, Rob Piper or Lil D, she's the archetypical MILF brunette to me. I wish she still had the bigger tit implants rather than the new ones, though.

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