Smash or Pass - Little Person Edition: Karina Lemos
(05-03-2018, 06:27 PM)Shotgun Styles Wrote: LOL at dudes saying they's smash a midget but not Megyn Kelly.

Kelly is flat as a board. As least this midget has curves. 

[Image: 2hrq340.jpg]

"I was told by a producer that I wouldn't go anywhere "being fat sucking Black dick". So I set out to stay fat and keep sucking Black dick" - Angelina Castro on why she ONLY does IR scenes
yeah smash the lil beauty! Id pump my load up her tiny womb for sure and bounce her round the hotel on my dick ;-)
oh yes please. I have never been with a little person and she's quite foxy.

i had a little person frat brother in college., He mostly got laid by weird art school girls. Some of them were unattractive but overall he did much better than you'd think.
Easy, Smash!
smash! she has a nice smile. i love "little people"  i watch "little women of atlanta" all the time. that show is a guilty pleasure of mine.

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