kcjones Wrote:
blacksquatchman Wrote:
vesuvius Wrote:Squatch, what are you playing right now? I got my PS2 out and started re-playing Zone of the Enders 2.

I'm playing mostly my Dreamcast games. I used to have a PS4 but I have to sell it for extra cash. I'm mostly a fighting game fan. So games like Marvel vs Capcom 2, Street Fighter III 3rd Strike, Project Justice, and Soul Calibur 1.

If you need money, selling your dreamcast collection might get you more money. I sold my Dreamcast collection last year, and I got close to $150 for Project Justice alone.

I probably don't have the balls to sell my Dreamcast collection. It's one of my all time favorite consoles.
There are some stuff that I just can't let go and my Dreamcast and games are some of those things.

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I feel ya. The Dreamcast is my favorite console, but I needed the money at the time, and I made well over $500 selling my console and games. Heck, had I been more patient, I could have gotten much more. I now have a Dreamcast emulator (Reicast) on my Android phone, so I get my Project Justice Fix when I need it.
The Sims #2
GTA: Vice City
GTA: San Andreas
Don't Starve
Civ City: Rome
Civilization V
Pro Evolution Soccer 2009
Age of Empire series
Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life
Halo #2
The Movies
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I really liked the original Red Faction. Once you got that rail gun and could find/shoot people through walls it became addictively fun. Pretty cool story too.

The second one lost me with the re-spawning enemies. I hate that. If I clear a room, it should stay cleared.

Red Faction Guerilla was a semi-open world. It was pretty weak on story, but got fun in the middle as you built up your character and skills. Thing is, the enemy progression is to rapid. So at the point in the game when you should be kicking all ass you can't because the enemies become super over powered.

I'd love to see someone take another crack at this series. Focus on a great story, interactive characters, and strong leveling system.
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With E3 right around the corner the rumors seem to be heating up about some of the things that might be revealed. The big thing I am hearing right now is that the next DC/Rocksteady game is going to be Superman openworld with the main villian being Brainiac. If this were to happen it makes perfect sense for now with it being 80 years since Superman . I would love to see this as I love what they did with Batman Arkham Asylum, City, and Knight were all great game and got hours of play out of them. Superman would be a challenge though.

Also would love it if UBI Soft gave an update on the progress of Watch Dogs 3. Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2 both awesome.

After for confirmed games I am looking forward to this year.

Red Dead Redemption 2
I heard that because Andromeda bombed that BioWare is taking an extended hiatus from Mass Effect.

Color me Extremely Butt Hurt.
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Shotgun Styles Wrote:I heard that because Andromeda bombed that BioWare is taking an extended hiatus from Mass Effect.

Color me Extremely Butt Hurt.
Old news, my nigga. ... .4vGF7YVS0

I for one am happy about this development. Bioware lost it's fucking mind.
Detroit Become Human: 7/10 for the Clementine/Nanako factor, but not worth 60 bucks.
I was all about Detroit from the first cinematic trailer.

Just don't have time for games now, unfortunately.
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