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(12-07-2018, 10:06 AM)Spops53190 Wrote: I'm genuinely shocked at Persona 5 in SMASH. Now I actually wanna play it

Why are the makers of Smash Bros so prejudiced against non-Japanese game characters? I'd love to see Master Chief or Kratos in a Smash game.

I guess Persona 5 is on it's way to switch actually. And the Persona series has spinoffs for Nintendo consoles too, so i guess that's the big difference. Snake, Bayonetta, and even Cloud (although this one was reaching) all appear on some Nintendo game, in some way. I don't think Kratos or Master Chief have yet.

To be honest I never thought abouth the fact that the charcters have games that have appeared on Nintendo systems. So they could add the protaganist from Wolfenstein or the Dragonborn from Skyrim. 

Yeah, they even said the other 4 "challenger's" would be from games you wouldn't expect to see in Smash, so I could definitely see a Dragonborn at least.  Wolfenstein is iffy, if they do that then you could expect Scorpion or Raiden from MK as well (it was on Nintendo64 right?) And I know it's not Western, but since they have cloud in there they're probably gonna go for Sora, so the slots are limited.
^Obviously they will milk the DLC shit. But it's probably not gonna be kratos or something, but shit like Banjo-Kazooie. Nintendo needs to keep the franchise interesting. They are saving the big guns like Master Chief for later games.
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