Gotta Choose One: Jaime Pressly vs Margot Robbie
jaime pressly forever! i fell in love at first sight when i saw her in the movie, poison ivy.
I like Margot but I'd go Jaime Pressly in this one. Check out that cleavage!

[Image: Jaime%20Pressly%20Hot.jpg]
hmmmm tricky one for me but for sure it would have to be Margot all the time

Brianna Banks. (in her prime)

Best of both worlds look alike: [Image: 0530528848a99770a54bd0ad47a419f1.jpg]

AND she was willing to take this guy: 
[Image: 26732_200x300.jpg]

Up the ass on camera. Along with other assorted ancient gross porn baddies like Mike Horner and Dave Hardman (her go to scene partner it seemed! What in the world!?). As they say in super hero battles on comic book forums. These are "feats" Margot or Jaime don't have on their record.

Hotter than both and would do YOU for money!

Being it's an either or though? Margot. She is an A-list unattainable actress after all. Jaime isn't on her level.

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