Rosanne's Pro-Trump Hit Show Cancelled
Twitter takes out another one... ... c-canceled

Twitter really should change their logo to this...

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I said Good Fucking Riddance to that fat bitch! I never like her show then and I'm sure as fuck never like her show now! :evil: :evil: :evil:

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XD XD XD         
she blamed it on Ambien smh
simonphoenix Wrote:she blamed it on Ambien smh

Did you see them troll her on Twitter? It was golden:

"Racism is not one of the known side effects"
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Career ruined because someone couldnt stop posting dumb shit on twitter. about those Trumpers....

Rosanne makes racist remark, gets her show cancelled which is translated in Donald to "it was mean spirited but what about when they called Trump and ape".
Cause you know, Trump is apparently bigger than the issue of racism.

So glad she got fired. Stupid hacky bitch.
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all day
She let racism fuck up her money, what a dumb ass.
Good, hated that trifling bitch anyway. She was hateful, ugly beyond means and stupid. Shame of Sara Gilbert a flaming liberal who produced and brought this shit bag back and ABC for doing this show. Some liberal bias....right?
alfan Wrote:Good, hated that trifling bitch anyway. She was hateful, ugly beyond means and stupid. Shame of Sara Gilbert a flaming liberal who produced and brought this shit bag back and ABC for doing this show. Some liberal bias....right?

I'm sure they had a multi season story arc that would have brought Rosanne back to earth. But now they'll never get there.

Tom Arnold, her ex husband, was on CNN saying she's a conspiracy theory whack job now. The internet can destroy a weak brain, and apparently she falls into that category.

I keep wondering when the Republicans will finally grow balls and push back. But in the post-tea party era there may not be enough moderates left to mount a meaningful challenge to Trumpism. So it's two more years of this bullshit, unchecked.

Any Democrat But Kamala Harris in 2020
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Wonder how Prince Yahshua is feeling today going around calling himself “the silverback” and even making apparel for it.
Then again this is the same guy that will post pics of women he is fucking then post a pic of his children, on the very next tweet, so clearly his character and mind are in question.

I blame the Tea Party and especially Darah Pailin for this waive of jackass politics, we are seeing across the country. So I guess by default, this is all really McCains fault.

Don’t discredit people also blaming,turning on John for the “Black guy” winning back in 2008.

For people like me, obama winning was a beautiful day.

For the fringe element of America and many republicans, white folks, and insecure racist in general, it was the start of their retard revolution.
Man kept gas prices low, set up the economy not to fail as fast as it probably should do considering our debt, gave people access to health care albeit flawed but it was a start, and progressed in bringing minorities to the table and letting them know they too can get involved and make a difference. Because the term minorities is pretty dumb in a country like this.

But for some all some saw was “a black man in the whitehouse” and those same ppl decided to just completely lose their own shit, fall off the reality horse, and debase themselves like jack asses in public, all the way to what we have now.

Did anyone see Kim Kardashians White House photo?

That’s the look of a person who has just seen first hand, the true face and nature of the age of the moron, at the helm.
I hope she helps get that woman freed from jail, but the big issue here is how people think they can placate this kind of crazy and try to normalize this all they want to, then all of a sudden reality hits you in the face and you are left wondering “wow what the fuck is this persons problem?” Thats what most ppl who are reacting to this whole Rosanne thing, have a problem with

To me it’s not shocking. People in control of their own minds, do NOT mock the national anthem with with a grab of the crotch and a spit to the ground after yu just finished singing it like an ass, in front of thousands of people.

Like I said in another post, his followers are mentally ill people following him down a dangerous path.
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all day
They wasting their time...

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