Bailey Brooke
(07-01-2018, 06:05 PM)whiteisright4bbc Wrote: If she's working with a personal trainer, it's just going to get tighter, which is not a bad thing. Ass will probably look even better when it's all said and done.

I saw that tweet from her. That's good news that she's just working with a personal trainer. Hopefully she comes back looking better than ever.
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I hope her ass stays fat
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The fact that she is getting a personal trainer shows that she is taking it seriously, so that would mean that she is going to go out and eat the right food and get the proper nutrition. She'll probably be doing more strength training and looking to add muscle and tone more than getting thinning out. So if anything she might look tighter and the ass might look more shapely.
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I just hope she doesn't pull a Jillian Janson and ends up changing her looks completely. I like that Bailey is built like a woman, fat ass and all.
^^ Exactly. Getting more toned/tightening shit up is perfectly fine, IMO. Ass, thighs, etc will probably look more shapely like you said. Absolutely nothing wrong with eating healthy and getting the proper nutrition.
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I was thinking about it and I think a good example of what she could ultimately do with the work she is doing would be Cali Carter(minus the implants), she is not a gym rat but looking through instagram she is in the gym alot and her body in very tight, shapely, and she still has curves.  Cali and Bailey are remarkable similar in body type and measurements, both are 5'1" between 105-110 Bailey has a slightly smaller waist at 22" to Cali's 24, both hips are 32".

This is probably what she is going for more than anything

[Image: b8b57328096b4b829c6c29cef1d0]
Bailey Brooke 7/21 on
[Image: 42464470444_9ce0d072f2_o.jpg]
[Image: 46642873581_f7e55e3e56_o.gif]
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Its coming a scene with Dredd at 07/21 Smile in
(07-03-2018, 04:26 PM)iramaj Wrote: Bailey Brooke 7/21 on
[Image: 42464470444_9ce0d072f2_o.jpg]


Also sucks to hear about about her body 'issues' I think she looks dope as fuck just the way she is.
(07-02-2018, 08:19 AM)blackalpha Wrote: I hope her ass stays fat

In bold for truth

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