Kali Roses
(12-21-2018, 03:16 PM)Coffin Wrote:
(12-04-2018, 03:43 PM)hI-Rez Wrote: never really liked Charlie Macc as a performer cuz he always seemed to slowfuck the chick in a boring fashion like this Isiah guy does nowadays (which really sucks cuz he's clearly the go-to black guy for these companies), so i never really watched scenes where he was the male talent like that... but after catching the Jynx Maze scene and now this Kali scene (cuz both chicks are smoking hot), dude surprised me, he slammed both of them good and hard

Kali is a pretty mfer. last porn chick whose looks moved me like that was Lana Rhoades... aaaaannnnd she fucked them up for no damn reason lol
What Kali, Charlie Mac scene are you talking about?, can't find a reference anywhere  and as to tattoos, I don't give a fuck one way or the other.  I just like to see her get fucked, welly

Bangbros I guess
(12-21-2018, 11:34 AM)jeff2 Wrote:
(12-21-2018, 03:01 AM)IR4life69 Wrote:
(11-26-2018, 07:01 PM)jeff2 Wrote: Looks like she did something with Lil D who got his original twitter suspended.

lol if that is Lil D's house. If it is he has a picture of J mac on his wall.
[Image: 0BxeblH.jpg]
[Image: BwPJZqG.jpg]

Do you know what site/company this is for? Or it is one of those weird manyvid vids? Thanks.

Loving her work good to see more new stuff ot hers coming out. Big Grin

It was for Lil D's onlyfans.

Thanks do you have more info of the scene? BJ only or sex aswell, length etc? How did you find out about it? Tried to visit that Lil D's onlyfans but can't see shit without paying. How to get it for free I wonder..  Undecided
New scene for Realitykings dropped today. Hunni been putting in work, I love it. Big Grin

[Image: 33315423708_8f42136c99_o.gif]
Smoking hot, I could of sworn that I saw her louie smalls hooking off camera

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