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I loved watching movies growing up, but I catch myself watching more TV shows now. That's understandable because there are a lot of TV shows out there. But I used to take more risks watching movies. I would watch independent and foreign movies and not only the mainstream.

I thought that we could recommend each other movies. It can be the mainstream superhero movie or an obscure foreign movie. Add the imdb link and users can check it out.

Ready Player One 

I read the book a few years ago and liked it. The movie is good if you like sci-fi and pop culture.
It's not groundbreaking but it's old-fashioned fun.

Like Father, Like Son

It's a small Japanese family drama. It's from a few years back but it deals with what makes a family.
Nature or nurture. 

If you don't mind subtitles, check it out.
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I thought Ready Player One was a pretty good movie. Like you said it's not some major blockbuster but if you are looking for a fun movie I'd recommend it. The nostalgia factor is what I think really help me enjoy it. I grew up watching a lot of 80's movies. So it really took me back.
I saw Narcos on Netflix and I thought about Wagner Moura, the actor who plays Escobar. He's in two great Brazilian movies. I was excited about that he would be Escobar because he was terrific in Tropa de Elite.

Tropa de Elite

The movie is about the Brazilian SWAT and they need to clean up the favelas of crime before the Pope visits Rio. It's a great movie about the police but also about Brazil and favelas.

Tropa de Elite 2

I think that the sequel is even better. It deals with Brazil's biggest problem: corruption. The movie has everything: action, thriller, and political intrigue. I can't recommend even more. It's one of my favorite movies. It's up there with the City of God (another Brazilian movie).
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