Vince McMahon Investing $500mil on XFL2
Plenty of market research has been done, and Millennials are much less likely to follow football than Gen X or Boomers. Gen Z has quite little interest. The NFL is in panic mode for a reason. It's part of why they fell for Trump's little trap with the Anthem. They should have just ignored it, but they're scared of losing market share.

I wish you were right. I wish football wasn't on it's way out. I love the sport. But there's too much reality staring me in the face.
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^ I never got that anthem thing, tbh. They really thought people weren't watching because of players kneeling during the national anthem? I don't get it.

Could just be a lull in interest/boredom. Mountains and valleys. Happens. Maybe it will rise again, who knows?

What about that Will Smith Concussion movie? I felt like it got buried. Perhaps too many people are starting to 'wake up' and all the $$$ in the world won't stop it.
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