Any Formula One fans here
Anyone on here watch Formula One? 

Hamilton and Vettel are once again the top 2 running away with the drivers championship. Vettel leads Hamilton by 1 points after Austria yesterday.

I'm a fan of Lewis so it was disappointing to see his team calling the bad strategy yesterday and then having to retire from the race. But he's won the last 4 races at Silverstone.
I'm a Hamilton fan too,well i also support Alonso. I was mad when Mercedes didn't pit Lewis during the vsc, after that all went downhill.

I hope he wins at his home GP with Valtteri coming second and Vettel P6 or worse Big Grin
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I still watch the sport not as big into as I used to be though, when I was a kid/teenager I loved formula one racing back then Michael Schumacher was the man though just straight up killed formula racing. I actually really love to watch the the street course races now more than the road course.
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I watch it sometimes. I live in The Netherlands and you can't avoid it because they're crazy about Max Verstappen.
I do root for Hamilton when I watch.
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F1 fan here too. Supporting Mercedes and Hamilton. Ferrari have a stronger car/engine this year. Mercedes can only win if they outdevelop them over the remaining races, or grab the poles and get good starts.

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