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(07-13-2018, 04:53 AM)marcusskipsey Wrote: This is another classic chick whose gone too far. Her body now resembles that of a cartoon character as everything is out of proportion.

It is a shame when you see a nice naturally hot chick feel the need to have work done that tips them in the total opposite direction but obviously she is getting enough love and praise from people to keep on doing it OR in her mind she believes that she looks good for it (which some of you agree with) but you got to ask when will enough be enough?

I blame the Kardashians lol

Females, especially pornstars, tend to have a some of the craziest psyches. In their heads they think that they are inferior to other more beautiful women which leads to situations like this. It's really sad that people have this inferiority complex that makes them want to "fix" themselves.

I too blame the Kardashians lmao
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yeah she went way overboard with the nip/tuck, i'm still smashing tho

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