Doggy style sex is major cause of cancer and stroke

That’s right folks. Stop behaving like dogs or it will kill ya  Confused
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Having said that, I am so glad to be an American. Africa sucks.
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"He said after three years of arduous research, he found out that the high pumping of blood during sex, when one is standing or kneeling overloads the veins in the legs which ultimately causes stroke."

If you do that missionary you'll be fine tho.
Does it cause cancer and stroke to the dude doing the fucking, the woman receiving the fucking or both?
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What the hell,is this real
(07-15-2018, 04:27 PM)danhill544 Wrote: What the hell,is this real

Yup its on the internet, so it must be true.

Now I only have her in cowgirl position. She can have the stroke instead of me Big Grin
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I can spot a hypocrite a mile away, and I guarantee dude be hitting it from the back every chance he gets.

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