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Man Arrested After Bringing Meth To Police Station To Have It Tested By Cops

A man concerned that he had been rooked by a methamphetamine dealer contacted Florida police and asked them to test his drugs and “press charges” [Image: douglaspeterkelly.jpg]against the dealer if he had “been given the wrong narcotics,” according to an arrest report.
On Tuesday afternoon, Douglas Peter Kelly, 49, called the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and told a deputy that he had a “violent reaction” after smoking what he thought was “speed.” Kelly told cops that he believed that the drug in question was actually Flakka, the notorious synthetic stimulant.
After speaking with cops, Kelly drove to the sheriff’s office "because he wished to have the illegal narcotics tested." Kelly subsequently provided cops with a piece of aluminum foil that contained a “clear, crystal-like substance.”
A field test of the substance provided by Kelly resulted in a “positive reaction for the presence of methamphetamine,” police reported. While perhaps relieved that his dealer was not cheating him, Kelly’s mood likely changed when police arrested him on a felony narcotics possession charge.
Seen above, Kelly was booked into the county jail, from which he was released last night after posting $2500 bond.
(07-14-2018, 03:36 PM)Shotgun Styles Wrote: This is why the internet can really suck. Many many moons from now, some kid is going to come across this footage on the web, and this man is going to have to explain to his child what in the hell was going though his mind.

I was hoping this idiot was splainin' to do.
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The disadvantages of living in a small town   Rolleyes

Police recognize man fleeing on stolen motorcycle, wait for him at his house

[Image: brandon-briggs.jpg?quality=85&strip=all&...225&crop=1]
WEST JORDAN, Utah — Police recognize man fleeing from them on stolen motorcycle, dump out of the chase and wait for him at his house to make arrest.
A West Jordan man is facing charges after fleeing from police on a stolen motorcycle during a traffic stop for what police said was a “simple traffic violation.”
West Jordan Police said they made the stop around eight o’clock Saturday night near 7000 S. Redwood Road, the motorcyclist quickly took off.
However, officers decided not to follow the man, because they recognized him. Instead officers went to 38-year-old Brandon Briggs’ home and waiting for him to return.
About an hour after the stop police said Briggs showed up at his house and was taken into custody without incident.
Police later found out that the motorcycle had been stolen. The bike was found crashed nearby, it is unclear if Briggs caused the crash.
Briggs has been charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, failure to stop at the command of an officer and violation of parole or probation.
This is why small town criminals always get caught. "It was definitely Jethro. He had on that stupid Thrasher t-shirt with the hole in the side he always wears on Tuesdays."
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Woman Bit Off, Swallowed Chunk Of Victim's Nose

Texan, 41, faces assault charge for attack in Houston suburb
    Texas Nose Biter
  •  [Image: jessicacollins18.jpg]
JULY 16--A Texas woman is facing an assault charge after allegedly biting off and swallowing a large chunk of the nose of a female victim, according to investigators.
Jessica Collins, 41, was arrested Thursday for the bloody attack in Spring, a Houston suburb. Collins was released from custody after posting $1000 bond on the misdemeanor charge. She is scheduled for a July 19 court appearance.
Collins, who lives in Conroe, another Houston suburb, was staying with a female neighbor of the 28-year-old victim. After spending Wednesday evening at a local bar, the three women returned to the victim’s home, where Collins--seeking to keep the party going--asked her host for booze and cigarettes.
Instead, the victim asked Collins to leave her residence, a request that allegedly prompted Collins to attack the woman. After yanking the victim to the floor by her hair, Collins allegedly bit off a large piece from the bridge of the woman’s nose.
The woman, who needs emergency plastic surgery, told KTRK that she tried to fight off Collins, “but I couldn't. All I could remember was the taste of blood in my mouth.” She also recalled calling her husband while in an ambulance: “I was screaming, like, ‘I don't have a nose. I’m 28 years old and I don't have a nose anymore.’”
A court filing accuses Collins of intentionally causing bodily injury to the victim by “biting Complainant with her mouth.” As a condition of her bond, Collins, a divorced mother of three, has been ordered to have no contact with the victim. According to her Facebook page, Collins works at Michaels, the arts and crafts chain, and has studied therapeutic massage.
A friend of the victim has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise $12,000 to cover medical costs. “Because of the missing piece was never recovered, my friend now needs reconstructive plastic surgery,” notes the solicitation, which adds that the victim was assaulted by a “mentally unstable person” who “lunged at my friend, biting off her nose and swallowing it.”
Do not post gore or stories about gore. This is not the place for that.

Funny and bizarre is fine. But not this macabre type shit.
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At least she will be remembered   Confused 

 [Image: 1528300666356.jpg?ve=1&tl=1&text=big-top-image]

Decisions have consequences.
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Should of posted a young picture of her, when she fucked their uncle. She ain't look like that when she committed the unforgivable act of adultery, thus forgoing any possibility of a heavenly afterlife.

[Image: 7p10mnlqnzhmwpza.gif]
I don't think it's the adultery the kids care about. They just wanted their mommy back. When she never came home, it must have crushed them.
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