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I totally agree with what Wildman99 said. I can understand the hurt and shame they must've felt when their mom left their dad for their uncle. I'm sure that was unimaginably painful seeing what their dad had to go through, and especially if they were in a small town, and all the gossip and shit.

But I don't see how this obituary makes them feel any better. Forgiveness heals. Anger & resentment hurt. If they had posted a simple obituary of her passing, without mentioning any of her past, and added a simple statement at the end: "We forgive you".. that would really bring closure and healing.
This Jackass needs a good whooping   Angry   ... makes my blood boil watching the vid..

"Prankster" streamed Flour attack on woman, 68, in Indiana Walmart

[Image: flourfront18.jpg]

AUGUST 31--An Indiana man who poured a bag of flour over the head of a 68-year-old woman shopping at Walmart was arrested yesterday for the brazen attack, video of which the man streamed live online.

  [Image: flourattack.jpg]

Investigators charge that Phillip Leon Weaver, 22, snuck up behind the victim Wednesday morning as she was shopping for her grandchildren. “It’s going down,” Weaver announced as he broadcast the attack via Facebook Live.
After dousing the woman, Weaver tossed the five-pound bag of flour and fled the Walmart in Beech Grove, an Indianapolis suburb. Weaver subsequently posted video of the sneak attack along with the caption “Pouring flower on lady’s head.”

Weaver, who has previously filmed “pranks” in the store, was arrested Thursday afternoon and is facing criminal mischief, battery, and theft charges. He was also hit with a separate gun theft count.

 [Image: phillipweaver.jpg]

While the elderly victim was not injured in the flour attack, she was upset and crying while being interviewed by police.
Pictured above, Weaver is being held in the Marion County jail on the felony and misdemeanor charges. Weaver has posted prior filmed Walmart pranks to his Instagram page (@phildapothead) and on Facebook, where he has reported, “I’ve been high 5 years straight.”
What's the opioid era version of "crack is whack"?

Because I think that's going to describe half the dudes in this thread.
[Image: giphy.gif]
When you're so horny to nail any beaver, what do you do?  You nail a nailed beaver of course!   Big Grin 

Man accused of sexually assaulting beaver dying on road

A Washington state man was arrested this week for sexually assaulting a beaver, which had been laying in the road — dying — after getting run over by a car, a report says.

Richard Delp, 35, was taken into custody on Monday night not long after the alleged incident in Columbia Park, according to KVEW.

A witness told the station that she caught Delp in the act while attempting to rescue his furry victim.
She said she saw the beaver get nailed by a vehicle, and was on her way back to the scene with a container to put it in.

When she got back 30 minutes later, Delp was on top of the mortally wounded critter — pants unzipped with a pocket full of meth, according to police.

The woman called 911 and officers eventually showed up to arrest Delp. He was later charged with animal cruelty and possession of methamphetamine. The beaver did not survive.
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Masturbation may have medicinal benefits..  Who knew   Huh

Man Arrested  For Masturbating In Public

A man arrested early yesterday for masturbating in public told police that engaging in such illicit pleasure sessions “helps with [Image: carlossalvador2xx.jpg]his anxiety,” according to an arrest report.

Cops allege that Carlos Salvador, 20, was naked from the waist down when a witness spotted him around 2:30 AM inside a 24-hour laundromat in Clearwater, Florida.

In a 911 call, the witness reported that the male suspect had an erect penis and was masturbating “out in the open.”

When police arrived at the laundromat (seen below), Salvador was seated inside and “masturbating while watching pornography on his phone.”

During police questioning, Salvador reportedly admitted to previously masturbating in public, saying that it “helps with his anxiety.”

Salvador was arrested for exposure of sexual organs, a misdemeanor, and booked into the county jail. He was later released on his own recognizance.

Perhaps someone should introduce Salvador to exercise, fidget spinners, or the benzodiazepine family before he gets into further legal trouble.
[Image: coinoplaundry.jpg]

Quote:A Gilbert man was arrested for pretending to have Down syndrome and hiring caregivers to bathe him and change his diapers. Police say they arrested 31-year-old Paul Anthony Menchaca on September 6 at his home, near Val Vista Drive and Williams Field Road. Menchaca reportedly posed as "Amy" and hired a caregiver to bathe and change the diapers of her son with Down syndrome.
Just when I think there's hope for mankind,then I read the news articles in this thread. Dodgy
Yes, yet another episode from Florida..   I don't get why the dad didnt have the kids do their "thang" at home   Huh

Cops: Father Drove Teens To Park For Sex
"They could be out there doing worse," reasoned Florida man, 53

[Image: bestdadtrophy.jpg]

[Image: laurencemitchell.jpg]

SEPTEMBER 17--A Florida man was arrested this month after driving his 15-year-old son to a local park for a late-night sexual encounter with his girlfriend, also 15, according to court records.

At around 11:30 PM on September 6, a police officer spotted a Toyota parked after hours at McChesney Park in Port St. Lucie. The patrolman approached the vehicle and found Laurence Mitchell, 53, in the driver’s seat.
Asked what he was doing that Thursday evening, Mitchell explained that his son had asked him to pick up his girlfriend so that the minors could go to the park and “do their thang.” As to why the teens would be transported to a park after hours, Mitchell replied, “So they can do what kids do.” Asked by a patrolman for clarification of that statement, Mitchell reportedly said, “Well, they aren’t out there stealing, they are just having sex.”

Mitchell acknowledged that he did not know the girl he had picked up “nor gained consent to have her out from her parents.” But he added that, “They could be out there doing worse.”
[Image: stluciepark.jpg]

The cop subsequently interviewed the teenagers, who “were returning from the soccer field.” When asked what they were doing in the park, Mitchell’s son replied, “We were just smokin’ and fuckin’.” When the cop asked the boy if his father knew what the pair was doing, the teen “laughed and advised he ‘didn’t know exactly.’”
The girl confirmed to the officer that she and the boy “were engaged in sexual activity.” Asked if Mitchell knew what the two were doing, she answered, “Well, I mean he drove us out here. But I don’t know.”
Seen above, Mitchell was arrested for contributing to the delinquency of a minor for “knowingly and admittedly driving two 15-year-old juveniles to a park after hours to commit sexual acts.”

Mitchell was freed from custody after posting $750 bond. He is scheduled for a September 25 arraignment hearing on the misdemeanor count.
OK, I'm no lawyer, what did the dad do wrong here, other than unwise admissions:

A. Is there a curfew to be out late in a public park?

B. Underage teens have sex all the time.  Its only an issue if one of the parties is an adult.  So what's the problem here?

C. Perhaps its the admission of public sex..  but nobody saw it.  So again, what's the issue?

D. If the dad wasn't involved in this episode, it would be just another case of teens "just smokin & fuckin".  Happens all the time.   Huh
Texas great-grandmother shoots 12-foot gator as revenge for killing mini-horse

Quote:Granny got her gun — and the alligator that crossed her by eating her prized pony is history.

Judy B. Cochran, the mayor of Livingston, Texas, got her revenge on a 12-foot, 580-pound alligator she believes ate one of her miniature horses years ago when she killed it on Sunday, the Houston Chronicle reported.
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