Jax Slayher
I saw a post Isiah Maxwell, but nothing on Jax Slayher.
What are some of your thoughts on Jax. I've seem to notice him on a lot of different IR scenes. Including trying to hide his face on some NetVideoGirl videos.
He looks like he might be an complete uneducated idiot, but at least he is fucking, and the ladies seem to love him.

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I can't complain about this guy. What some may think is a disadvantage (his not very wide dick, compared to other black male talent), I personally noticed it is an advantage, earning him scene castings like Nicole Aniston (the girl rarely does reverse cowgirl but Jax was handy enough for her while Joss wasn't). Plus, he can't fall into that category of "not black enough" as he has a dark skin. Perhaps he's overused in some companies, but he's a good performer overall.
I wish there were much more Jaxes and less Prince Yashua or Isiah Maxwell or Rico Strong or Wesley Pipes.
He did a show with the camgirl @AKGINGERSNAPS and the recording is really popular on manyvids. I like him, as far as I know he doesn't make weird noises or faces when he blows his load and from what I hear he's pretty professional/respectful.
The guy is very likeable and a really solid pornstar.
Not passive and not too agressive. Playful enough.
He handles the women well and doesn't do anything annoying.
IR porn needs more male talents like him.
He seems to be the got to for girls on there premiem snapchat/onlyfans.
This is a weird thread. With people actually talking about the size of his dick and stuff. Man I just jerk off and don't pay attention to the guys. Only notice when it is the same dude over and over. Like I seen with Maxwell.
He is a solid performer. Keeps these white chicks in check. 

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Adriana Chechik's looks quite dick-drunk I would say.


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Overall, Jax is a good performer but he is now overexposed.
Yes he is a good performer and hot looking... girls love it.... too bad his cock isn't bigger
(07-11-2018, 11:41 PM)contrast5 Wrote: Overall, Jax is a good performer but he is now overexposed.

Because he's reliable and he loves to work. He shoots even with old and fat women.

I'll give him props for his Interracialpass scenes. They rarely cut and he delivers.
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